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Julia knows the difference between Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis.

To the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Health Minister Nicola Roxon,

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy has written to President Obama and asked him to talk to you about Medical Cannabis and the difference it has made in America where States have opened legal medical cannabis dispensaries. What a positive difference it has made in arrest rates, police and court costs, employment and in tax revenue. Its a win win win win situation!

The Hemp Party is visiting Canberra on November 16,17 and 18, to lobby for medical cannabis to be reconsidered by the Federal Government. This coincides with President Obamas visit. We would like some time with your people please to discuss…..

Medicinal Cannabis – why has there been stony silence regarding this matter while people suffer needlessly?

Industrial Cannabis – why does Australia continue to allow other countries to utilise this valuable food and fibre crop whilst denying the same to local farmers, industry, and society?

Really it boils down to freedom of choice about one’s own particular medicine and cannabis was an extremely popular medicine before it was outlawed. As if God made a mistake! It seems to us the pharmaceutical companies have grabbed a monopoly on the most profitable of all businesses, pain management. The war on cannabis is long lost as you know.

In our tiny village of Nimbin many people use cannabis regularly, often in preference to alcohol. We have nine permanent police who have little choice but to bust the young dealers. They sadly then get a criminal record for life and there is always an endless supply of willing ‘risk-takers’ to replace them if they are sent to jail.

Further, we have many aboriginal people living in our village because cannabis keeps them off alcohol. They deal because few can grow, or afford it at exorbitant black-market prices. 56% of juveniles in jail in Australia are Aboriginal which is appalling and embarrassing.

To control cannabis use in Australia it needs to be regulated with quality control measures, and of course it can be taxed.

Please speak with President Obama whilst you have time with him. We will be travelling down to Canberra in the hope it will encourage the conversation.

We look forward to your reply and hope you have time to meet with us.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Balderstone.
HEMP Party President

[gview file=”http://australianhempparty.com/assets/documents/20111031-email-response.pdf”]

dhaA response to your email to the Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, and the Minister for Health and Ageing, the Hon Nicola Roxon MP.

Ministerial Liaison and Support Section, Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.



Realising the invitation for US President Obama to visit Nimbin and see for himself the refugee camp his war on drugs has caused will most likely fall on deaf ears, the Nimbin HEMP Embassy will send a delegation to the President when he visits Canberra on November 16 and 17.

“During his quest to become President, Obama gave hope for change to many medical marijuana patients and indeed there are now 15 American states where medical cannabis is legal with doctors authorising cards which allow users to grow their own or buy from a dispensary.”

“All we ask is that our PM spends ten minutes hearing from Obama his views on cannabis as a medicine and how the Americans are dealing with the issue”, said Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President.

“It’s time our Government pulled its head out of the propaganda and recognised the medical values of cannabis at a Federal level. We have shocking problems with alcohol abuse in Australia and we need to rethink the failed drug policies and ideas, including John Howards legacy of psychosis hysteria.”

“Please Julia, ask the President why Americans aren’t getting psychosis from cannabis like we are supposed to be in Australia! The facts are there is no increase in Aussie mental health problem numbers in the last fifty years despite cannabis use going from under 1% to over 50% of young males, the most vulnerable group.”

“We plan on taking the Big Joint and a Polite Service crew to Obama, and a bunch of flowers for Michelle. And we urge others from Australias 2 million regular cannabis users to come out of the closet and join us.”

Quotes from Obama: “Medical marijuana is entirely appropriate.” “I inhaled frequently, that was the point.”

More info?

Facebook Event | www.facebook.com/groups/POLITE.NSW | www.BIGJOINT.org

Nimbin HEMP Embassy 02 66891842 or 66890326 a/h 66897525


UPDATE: Wednesday 9th of November


The Federally Registered once again Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party’s plan to offer President Obama a ten metre giant joint when he visits Canberra next week has been thwarted. The Australian Federal Police today approved the use of the Authorised Assembly Area for the HEMP Party protest next Wednesday and Thursday, however, the “10 metre long inflatable structure” was not approved.

“We’ll find somewhere for Big Joint to inflate, even if it’s not in the central protest area”, said Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President. “In the AAA our Polite Service will be joining other anti-war protestors and we still have our big Obama banner saying, ‘Yes We Cannabis’.”

“President Obama has said ‘the use of medical marijuana is entirely appropriate’ and he is credited with being a big part of why 15 American States have now legalised medical cannabis use. In turn the latest Gallop poll in America has for the first time more than 50% of the population wanting legalisation and regulation of cannabis in a similar way to alcohol. Over 80% of the population approve of Doctor authorised medical cannabis.”

“In Australia, our attitude to drug use remains corrupt and primitive while other more compassionate countries introduce new laws treating drug use as a health issue. We want President Obama to spend 10 minutes talking to our Prime Minister about the forgotten war, the “war on drugs’’. There’s plenty of focus on the other wars but this futile global war over the profits to be made from peoples pain relief is appalling and shameful and needs to be taken out of the too hard basket.”

“I bet Ms Gillard wont be bragging about over 50% of juveniles in jail in Australia are aboriginal”, said Mr Balderstone. “There are 2 million regular cannabis users (criminals) in Australia, more than any other country we are told, and the current laws are doing a lot of damage, and long term damage.

We don’t all want to drink alcohol, thankyou.”



The HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Party is happy to announce the National Capital Authority has provided permission for their Big Joint to be inflated for President Obama in Canberra this week. Previously the groups signature 10 metre inflatable scoobie was formally knocked back by the AFP for the AAA (Authorised Assembly Area).

“The AFP actually suggested we apply to the NCA who were totally appreciative of our mission. They’ve asked us to move up the back a bit. No big deal,”said Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President.

“The real issue is trying to get the drug war on the agenda while Obama is here. He has helped law reform and Medical Cannabis Dispensaries spread across America rapidly with no discernable negative social consequences. Yet our government continues to turn its back on the 2 million regular Aussie tokers. The issue needs to be urgently taken out of the too hard basket, which Labor has promised us for years it would do.”

“Perhaps we need a Bob Carr style Drug Summit in Canberra. A few days listening to the experts on how the drug war is going, and how much it is costing. Not the money so much as the drastic social damage.”

“The President smoked a lot of weed and he knows cannabis is good medicine. We want him to talk to Julia about how to change our attitude of criminalising people for self medicating with a herb that has proven medical benefits.”

“The Government could save a fortune in so many ways. Enforcement and incarceration costs, plus the consequent social disasters. Thousands of jobs can be created with the stroke of a pen simply by regulating this industry. We also believe it is a priority to normalise the lives of those involved in the current multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.”

“Plus the health cost savings. Currently we are spending squillions on pharmaceuticals where a herb you can grow in your back garden could do a better job in many cases.“

“Not to mention it appears that hemp is the number one carbon fixing plant on the planet!”

The HEMP Party delegation, now seeking candidates for the next Federal election, will leave Nimbin Tuesday morning and includes representatives from the Mullers and Packers Union. After Canberra it will drive on to Melbourne for the cannabis law reform rally in the Flagstaff Gardens on the following Sunday 20th.

“Finally pressure is mounting around Australia for true reform. It’s an issue whose time has come we believe.”

Donations for the Polite Service HEMP mission are much appreciated and can be deposited in the Nimbin HEMP Inc account at any Summerland Credit Union, or at the bottom of the page on http://www.nimbinmardigrass.com/hempshop/

More info Nimbin HEMP Embassy on 02 66890326/66891842

Michael Balderstone – HEMP Party President a/h 02 66897525

James Moylan – Secretary Mullers & Packers 02 66218419

www.hempembassy.net www.bigjoint.org Convoy mobile 0413701823

Big Joint to join other anti-war protests for Obama


The HEMP Party’s Obama “Yes We Cannabis” banner and their 10 metre inflatable Big Joint will be joining other anti-war protestors in Canberra on Wednesday and Thursday for the Presidents visit.
Michael Balderstone, President of the registered again and running in the next federal election HEMP Party, says,” Julia Gillard needs to come to the table on this issue and we are confident she is up to it. Even if she herself didn’t enjoy the toke she had way back in University days.”
“In President Obamas words, ‘medical cannabis is entirely appropriate’. So lets start there in our dismantling of this massive social disaster, called the ‘war on drugs’. But lets start talking about it. Afghanistan is in the news every day but more people have lost their lives in the drug war than over there.”
“Australians smoke more pot than any other country we are told, but Labor refuses to bring the issue to the surface. We have been promised for years they would consider medical cannabis but it was all smoke and mirrors. Miss Gillard looks an intelligent and tenacious leader and perhaps she needs to have a drug summit along the lines of Bob Carrs in NSW in 1999.”
The HEMP Partys Big Joint has taken up the challenge from the stand fast veterans and ex service people that the giant inflatable joint can outrun any drone attack so look out for the action in the AAA.
More info Nimbin HEMP Embassy on 02 66890326/66891842
Michael Balderstone – HEMP Party President a/h 02 66897525
James Moylan – Secretary Mullers & Packers 02 66218419
Convoy mobile 0413701823; 0487433472 (Max Stone-Big Joint team) 0407951688 (Graeme Dunstan-Drone Attack team)
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