Interim Measures

HEMP is calling for interim measures in relation to cultivation, possession, supply and distribution so as to address the needs and concerns of 10’s of thousands of Australians currently using Cannabis for medical purposes.

HEMP believes progress in this area will help many critical patient groups and ease pressure on Australia’s already strained health system.

There is now no doubt to a reasonable person that Cannabis does have medical and therapeutic benefits, the problem is no government anywhere in the world has willingly introduced a meaningful medical Cannabis regime.

Successive Australian Parliamentary Inquiries have recognised the international road blocks which make clinical trials nearly impossible and restricts research. While HEMP applauds State endeavours in this area, we believe Medical Cannabis is a Federal issue which effects all Australians.

Having regard to the need for accurate science and comprehensive testing, all will be aware this takes time, up to ten years for products to make their way through the long regulatory process making it highly unlikely a medical Cannabis preparation would be available during the term of the next government.

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