This is to inform you that in the last minute frenzy of preference dealing we may have made a mistake in attempting to maximise our prospects in the NSW Senate Election.
In the 2001 election we received over 35,000 votes so this time the phone didn’t stop ringing from people who usually never want to talk to us and we tripped up in a moment of election fever!
There is a possibility that our ‘above the line’ preferences may end up with a party which is not supportive of our aims. Since that chance exists we are asking you to vote for HEMP ‘below the line’, on the 9th of October.
To do this you will have to number ALL 78 squares. We know it may be a drag, and you may need to take one, but at least that way you get to make your own decisions, and as a bonus you get the pleasure of placing last whichever party you dislike the most.
With the complicated system of counting Senate votes your last selection is the only party that you can be absolutely certain won’t receive your preference!
To vote ‘below the line’ put (1) & (2) for Group M Help End Marijuana Prohibition and then number every square below the line. For cannabis law reform policy the next best to vote for, of the majors, are Group X The Greens, then Group B The Democrats, and then Group J Labor.
There are too many groups which deserve last place for us to make a particular recommendation.
We are very sorry about the mess, inconvenience and feel stupid. It is true our man doing the deal wasn’t stoned at the time. Maybe if he was he would have been more attentive and careful!
Despite all this, it remains a fact that hemp makes ethanol viable and could end wood chipping old growth forests tomorrow. Just imagine your ballot paper is made from hemp fibre, take the time and vote below the line.
Please pass the word onto your friends to vote HEMP ‘below the line’ in the NSW Senate.

Note: this only applies in NSW.

Yours sincerely, Michael Balderstone, NSW Senate Candidate, 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin, NSW, 2480. Phone 66891842,


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