Time to ‘Get Real’ NCPIC

With statements like, ‘Cannabis is addictive and there’s no proof it’s useful for medical purposes,’ The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) needs to grow up says the HEMP Party. “It’s as addictive as tobacco with severe withdrawal symptoms and it causes lung cancer is more reefer madness nonsense from them,” says President Michael Balderstone.

“Victoria is at least unlocking the gate to MC with yesterday’s announcement and NCPIC needs to catch up on some reading. The changes in America have been a win win for everybody and public opinion has changed very quickly over there from about 30% to 65% wanting legalisation now. Once the general population realised pot is not what they’ve been led to believe they soon moved on. But our Govt experts on weed are still saying the same nonsense as before the last war.”

“Our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull smoked quite a bit of pot we believe and should take a leaf out of President Obama’s honesty on the issue and start reforming the Cannabis laws immediately, as has happened in America. Did Obama inhale? ‘Of course, that was the point,’ he said”.

“We suggest the PM call a National Drug Summit to review the drug war because current policing policy is driving people away from peaceful pot to other drugs like ice which are way way harder to get caught with. Saliva testing and sniffer dogs are actually encouraging dangerous drug use because Cannabis is so bulky and smelly and stinks when you smoke it, unlike all the pills and powders which are easily hidden.”

“NCPIC could do something very useful and educate young Australians not to mull with spin (smoke pot with tobacco) because then it is addictive,”said Michael.

“The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party is all for freedom of the press, but they should really try and and report the truth, not polished propaganda,” added Andrew Kavasilas, Party secretary.

” Australians are about to be fed another batch of specially prepared reviews via the media, journalists, publicists and press agents who we doubt will spend any time investigating questionable research in the field of Cannabis use.”

“It shouldn’t still be up to us to highlight the half truths, cherry picked reviews, propaganda and empire building of the likes of NCPIC’s Dr Jan Copeland and her group of flat earthers”, he says. “It should be up to those dozens of Politicians, Doctors, researchers and others in the medical profession who have now hitched a ride and are embarking on ‘research’ in the area of medical Cannabis use.”

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