The news is all bad?

Due to a How(h)ard change in electoral laws, parties without sitting members must do a new application each election.

Our efforts with regard to exposing Malcolm Jone’s fake parties have resulted in small parties being frozen out of the system. Our choices have been nobbled. This makes it extremely difficult to get a HEMP candidate up in future federal elections.

The Greens have backed down on drugs policy. They have dropped their proposal to investigate regulating the supply of marijuana and ecstasy, which attracted unfavourable publicity during the 2004 federal election campaign. Instead they propose to establish a drugs policy institute to evaluate programs aimed at reducing the impact of drug use. The Greens leader, Bob Brown, said the new policy backed criminal penalties for supply or possession of illegal drugs and endorsed harm minimisation programs.
I have no idea how or why ecstasy was included in that.

NSW Labor courted us vigourously for preferences when elections were on, but were almost unreachable any other time.
Abbott and Pyne have forshadowed a new crackdown on cannabis users in particular. (Remember the Pogroms) We are just not “their sort of people”.

Saliva testing drivers without any evidence that cannabis impairs driving. No limit specified like .08 of a joint, just illegal to drive with any amount at all in your system.
The recent National Cannabis Strategy specifically excluded any submissions on law reform or medical use. They made it clear that they were NOT options.
If only politicians would say this.

From High Society by Ben Elton

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