PUP Senator Wang invites HEMP to the table

Dear Senator-elect Dio Wang, thank you for your letter inviting the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party to the Palmer United Party (PUP) Quarterly meetings.

We appreciate being given the opportunity to formally present the issues that we stand for to a federal parliamentary party. No other party has ever extended any such invitation to me personally since we were established in 1999.

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 HEMP Party supports Greens drug summit

The HEMP Party of Australia fully supports the important and timely initiative announced today by the Greens calling for a Federal Drug Summit. “It’s a really smart way to address this particularly big elephant in the room,” says HEMP President Michael Balderstone. “The ‘war on drugs’ really has to be on the Election agenda and discussion about a ‘drug summit’ might be a way to achieve this without sparking the usual law and order auction.

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 All weekend HEMP Party in Nimbin

This weekend Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party members and candidates from across Australia will gather to meet each other and make plans for the upcoming election.

On Saturday HEMP Party National Campaign Director, Jim Moylan, will present the 13th HEMP Activism & Police Wrangling Workshop in Mingle Park (behind the Museum) in Nimbin from 2pm.

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 Trouble minimisation

HEMP Party in Sydney this weekend measuring the zinc in the soil

The Australian HEMP Party’s Campaign manager Jim Moylan is in Sydney this weekend doing a couple more of his notorious Police wrangling workshops where he teaches pot smokers how to minimise trouble with the law.

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 Obama’s Election Strategy Inspires HEMP

The rise of Obama has changed elections in America forever. There the story is now about grassroots money and channelling the voice of the citizen. Lots and lots of small donations and lots and lots of active supporters on the ground. Here it is all about advertising, stunts, ‘message control’ and how best to not talk about things. It’s topsy-turvey.

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 Revitalised Cannabis Campaign

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy and the HEMP Party with 4 new State Branches are revitalised with new enthusiasm says President Michael Balderstone. “The US Election results with Washington State and Colorado re-legalising cannabis after 75 years of prohibition is the best news for cannabis users in decades. There are now also 19 States over there with legal medical cannabis and now this even bigger step is causing ripples around the globe. On top of this great news we also have the NSW Inquiry into medical cannabis which we are urging everyone to embrace.

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