Joint is rolled, we just need a lighter

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party is twenty years old but the recent online rebirth of the Party has seen a big increase in interest, membership, and motivation to get Cannabis law reform on the political agenda again. vote1hemp

“If Gough Whitlam had lasted a little longer as PM we could have raised our families in a climate without prejudice,” says Michael Balderstone, the Party President. “I was reminded of that at our big pre-election and strategy meeting of candidates last Sunday in Nimbin.”

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 Trouble minimisation

HEMP Party in Sydney this weekend measuring the zinc in the soil

The Australian HEMP Party’s Campaign manager Jim Moylan is in Sydney this weekend doing a couple more of his notorious Police wrangling workshops where he teaches pot smokers how to minimise trouble with the law.

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 Obama’s Election Strategy Inspires HEMP

The rise of Obama has changed elections in America forever. There the story is now about grassroots money and channelling the voice of the citizen. Lots and lots of small donations and lots and lots of active supporters on the ground. Here it is all about advertising, stunts, ‘message control’ and how best to not talk about things. It’s topsy-turvey.

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 Engaging in Democracy

Just who are these Cannabis users? They are your Mother or Father, Sister or Brother, or your son or daughter. People in all walks of life and in all age groups. So no. I reject utterly the idea that we are promoting an illegal activity. Instead we are promoting a rational and compassionate approach to Cannabis use in our society, and regarding Cannabis users in our society.

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“USE THE SECRET BALLOTTO COUNTER THE FEAR” HEMP PRESIDENT MICHAEL BALDERSTONE TO LAUNCH HEMP CAMPAIGN THURSDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 4 PM RED ROOM STUDENT UNION COMPLEX UQ Michael Balderstone, President of Help End Marijuana Prohibition, aparty registered with the Australian Electoral Commission, will launch the HEMP election campaign for 2004 at a meeting starting at 4 […]

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