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This member opinion poll will help in making a decision to keep it or change the Party name before the next election.

Currently registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Name of party: Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

Registered abbreviation: Marijuana (HEMP) Party

On the 2016 Senate Ballot Paper: MARIJUANA HEMP PARTY

Social Media: australianhempparty

MOP start: 25/11/2016 – Responses 314 Active Now

Page updated: 30/11/2016

Member Opinion Poll

What is your choice for the registered name of the Party?

125 Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
15 Marijuana (HEMP) Party
8 Marijuana Party
93 Australian HEMP Party
35 Cannabis HEMP Party
38 Cannabis Party

What is your choice for the abbreviation?

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72 Marijuana (HEMP) Party
131 HEMP
48 AHP
14 CHP
43 CAN

Member location, age and gender.

More detailed statistics can be determined with combinations of the member’s home State, age bracket and gender with the above questions. Example: Over 35 year old Tasmanian females.

6 Australian Capital Territory
111 New South Wales
1 Northern Territory
81 Queensland
31 South Australia
2 Tasmania
54 Victoria
28 Western Australia
226 Over 35 years
88 Under 35 years
77 Female
237 Male

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Top two selections

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