Support the Legalise Cannabis WA movement

To all Cannabis law reform supporters.

The Legalise Cannabis movement is going from strength to strength and after its good run in the Queensland election it is now registered in WA. 

There are Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party candidates in all six upper house regions giving every WA voter the opportunity to support Cannabis law reform in the state election on 13 March.

The LCWA Party also have candidates in 10 electorates. The state election campaign is in its last two weeks and there is a genuine chance they may even get a candidate elected.

This is what ABC election expert Anthony Green says. “One party worth watching is Legalise Cannabis who do well on preferences in some regions, and on name alone may do better than expected. There are one or two regions where a poor Green vote could end up flowing to Legalise Cannabis.”

Any donation for the LCWA campaign which is in it’s last two weeks would be greatly appreciated and would assist the last flurry of campaigning.

Please donate what you can afford to support the Legalise Cannabis WA Party via their website.


Legalise Cannabis Western Australia Party Policy

LCWA Party have one Policy. To legalise Cannabis for all its uses. LCWA don’t have other firm ‘policies’ because they don’t expect to hold the majority in government. The best they can hope for is a seat or two on the cross-bench.

Nevertheless LCWA have a set of prepared Policy Statements relating the positive flow-on benefits of legalising Cannabis and its effects in many areas and sectors of the Western Australian economy, environment and the community.

Party Policy

Other States

WANTED: People to form a working committee with the aim of registering the Legalise Cannabis Party for state elections in South Australia.

We are looking for people with time, energy, skills and a passion for getting Cannabis legalised in South Australia. This needs to be kicked off asap .. and we need YOUR help to follow the lead of our sister Parties in Queensland and WA.

NSW, Tasmania and Victoria are well under way and will be launching publicly in the very near future. We would love to have Legalise Cannabis SA Party onboard as well. Find more information in the Facebook group.

Find all the information about the candidates and LCWA Party preferences via the ABC page; WA Election 2021.

Follow the state election campaign on the LCWA Party Facebook Page.

#MakeItLegalWA is the hashtag in current use.

The currently ridiculous and unfair drug driving rules which tests our saliva looking for tiny traces of THC, which had nothing to do with impairment, is guaranteed to get a lot of voters ticking the LCWA box. Don’t be surprised if we get our first seat in an Aussie parliament because of this law.

Thank you very much for your support and thanks for reading. Please donate if you can, even a little.

Sincerely, Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President

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