Stoner versus Medical Cannabis



The Mullaway Medical Cannabus has won over Independent Richard McGovern and indeed most people they have met in the Oxley Electorate on the campaign trail, says Director Tony Bower.

“Even the great Stoner himself seems sympathetic. His office girl put the medical Cannabis flier up on his Electoral office window, as did the Kempsey Police.”

Mr Bower says he has been walking the streets and, ” There seems to be 95% support for medical Cannabis under TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approval and as none of the major political parties are game to address the issue we are grateful to Richard for supporting us.”

Tony has been dispensing his product free of charge for years now with some extraordinary results. Particularly with cancer, chronic pain and terminal illnesses, he says.

McGovern says he is the only candidate in his electorate standing up for the chronically ill and dying who’s suffering is relieved by Cannabis where other medicines have failed.

The Cannabus will be travelling the Electorate and in Kempsey next week handing out information and Mr Bower will have available Cannabis tincture for anyone who brings along a letter from their doctor confirming their condition.

“I say to the Stoner, it’s time for NSW to have another Drug Summit along the lines of the 1999 one instigated by Bob Carr”, said Mr Bower, who maintains it is his duty and obligation as a human being to help people in pain if he can. “And I know I can”, he says.” And I could help thousands if they will let us go ahead with an extraction facility here.”

“Stoner himself put in my submission to grow and research medical Cannabis but he doesn’t understand the importance of the issue. NSW Health still refuse to give me an answer after 4 submissions, but they were happy to cash my $1600 cheque two years ago.”



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Did YOU know:

  • Medical Cannabis heals and relieves sufferers of chronic illness and chronic pain — where other medicines fail!
  • Medical Cannabis is legal and its manufacture is approved by the federal government through Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty. Ltd., a local company to the Mid North Coast.
  • however… the current NSW Government is preventing you from getting the medicine you need.
  • Independent Richard McGovern supports Medical Cannabis, the only candidate in our electorate to show a willingness to stand up for the chronically ill and dying people who need this medicine. Hopefully through his support we can make a change at the 26 March ‘11 NSW State Election.
  • Your support is needed to change the current NSW Government to one that can properly & thoroughly advocate for sufferers of Chronic Illness and Pain. Your health and medical care is not a political issue. Let’s get the appropriate state government elected so you can have access to the medically and scientifically proven medicine that relieves the suffering & improves the quality of life for thechronically ill, terminally ill and sufferers of chronic pain.
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