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Federal Senate Candidates 2019

Group J for Joint on the senate ballot paper for Western Australia. 

  1. Dr. Nick Lethbridge
  2. Mark Rayner

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Dr. Nicolas Lethbridge is Not Dead Yet !

Reasons for Running

Hi there to all my Friends and Voters !

This is Aeglira for Nick Lethbridge, candidate for HEMP in WA… I thought I had finished for the day but Nick says, Perhaps you should write about my reason for running ? So here goes:

Go on, says Nick, ask me why I am running for parliament.

Me: Tell me, Nick, why are you running for parliament ?
Nick: Thank you for asking, Aeglira. My reason for running for parliament is quite simple. Parliament and politics is an absolute and embarrassing joke. (Oh dear, that’s not nice. But I’m just reporting Nick’s words.) A joke, Nick repeats. I decided (says Nick) that it was better to put up my hand than to sit back and do nothing.

Me: Is that really your reason ?
Nick: That’s the first part of my reason, says Nick. I also believe that I have some good ideas. Ideas that will help Australia.

Me (with a really incisive question): *All* of Australia ?
Nick: Probably not. Some ideas will help just some people. Other people are sure to put out their hands and say, I want some of that. Or, Why should we help those people who are not me ? Or, But what will it cost me ?

(I’m sorry if that’s not really clear. Nick can be a bit complicated. I’ve written down what he said, I’m sure it makes sense to you.)

Nick again (even without me asking another question): What I have is ideas which I think will make life better for some people who need it. Or for all of Australia even though it may not make everyone instantly happy.

What I will do, says Nick, is to put forward and support ideas which I believe will be good — overall. Which will improve the overall situation for all of Australia, for all Australians. Well, okay, I may have some bias in favour of Western Australia because I was born here, lived here all my life, love the state. But I want all of Australia to be even better than it is.

Me: And that’s why I am helping Nick with his election campaign: he has good ideas and he means well. He means well for everyone, not just himself.

Me, with a final really important question: Do you have a whole lot of great ideas which you will fight to defend ?

Nick: Of course not !

Great ideas, yes (he explains). But are they worth fighting for ? Yes, but… My ideas are good — perhaps they could be better. If someone suggests a better idea — I will be glad to support it. Or to adapt part of that other idea in order to improve my own idea.

Nothing is perfect (Nick continues), not even my own ideas. I will listen, I hope to learn. If I learn something worthwhile — I will improve my own ideas.

Me: So your ideas — policies? — are not set in stone ?
Nick: True. For example.

Then he just carries on talking. I think I’ll ask Nick about his policies… later. I love Nick’s ideas but he does get a bit excited explaining them. So for now…

Lots of love,
… Your Political reporter, Aeglira

Nick4HEMP Blogspot

Not Dead Yet

This began as my travel blog. Holidays with my wife while we are still active and interested. Then I fell over with brain cancer — and the blog name is still relevant 🙂 My lifetime planning horizon is now Three Years One Month and an Unknown Number of Days. Statistically this is optimistic.

So where am I now:

Physical: Fitness at about 70% what it was in August 2017; main problem is weight & breath. Health (ignoring cancer) is at 95%; some residual, occasional, bowel over-activity. And the soles of my feet tingle, a side-effect of the chemo drug. It’s most noticeable after a run.

Mental: Still with a high IQ and low street smarts, no change. As far as I can tell.

Emotional: I’m balancing disbelief and acceptance. On our last holiday I hit the emotional up-swing, I have now climbed back to the state I was in for several years: enjoyment mixed with frustration. Enjoying life, frustrated at my inability (my own fault) to do all of the things I would like to do. And not believing that I have a terminal cancer.

Eventually, the cancer will return. GBM4 is known to be aggressive, it’s known to be terminal. It’s a matter of when, and where in the brain it grows the next tumour.

I was scanned in early December. It’s unlikely that a fresh tumour will kill me in the three months until the next scan. Three months to enjoy life 🙂

Not Dead Yet – Blogspot

Mark Rayner is part of the thriving nationwide medicinal cannabis underground which is flouting the law, daring police to lay charges.

While he knows what he is doing is illegal, he said he gets around the law by simply demonstrating how to make the oil and teaching others to do it, rather than supplying it to them directly for profit.

“I’m not supplying anyone,” Mr Rayner said. “I’m just giving them the information they need, and showing them how to do it.”

ABC NEWS: Cannabis oil producer speaks out: ‘I just help people’

Mark currently lives in South Australia and is the secretary of the state branch. HEMP South Australia



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