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M for Medical Marijuana on the senate ballot paper for Tasmania.

  1. Alfred Informal
  2. Matt Owen

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  1. Alfred Informal


Matt OWEN – HEMP Party Senate Candidate for Tasmania.

Matt is well known for his measured yet forceful advocacy on behalf of cannabis law reform.

Matt is saddened by the lack of knowledge displayed by many employers in Australia when it comes to drugs and drug testing at work. Pointing out that Cannabis users are, in the main, responsible workers who have a smoke to relax in the evening when they get home, in much the same manner as others might have a glass of wine. And in the same way as any responsible alcohol consumer would never dream of drinking before or at work – the same applies to your average cannabis user.

“Drug testing at work should be aimed at testing for impairment rather than simply looking for tiny residual amounts of a drug in someone’s system. The real OHS dangers in the Aussie workplace are alcohol, hard drugs, a lack of training, and fatigue, so most expenditure on drug testing at work is money wasted. Drug testing is understandable for operators of heavy machinery, or pilots, or perhaps politicians, but in the main drug testing doesn’t act to increase safety but rather lures employers into a false sense of security.”

“This is because drug testing is often used as a substitute for genuine OHS assessment and action, diverting attention away from things that are actually cause harm. It causes employers to think OHS is all about simple cookie-cutter drug testing rather than being about undertaking an individual assessment of the matters that concern individual workers in a particular working environment.” Matt Owen – HEMP Party


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HEMP Tasmania is a Branch of the Federal HEMP Party.

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party has a State Branch in Tasmania to campaign locally for Cannabis law reform in the medical, recreational and industrial use of the whole plant.

What does this mean for Tasmanians?

HEMP means – jobs, current “black market” income becomes legitimate and taxable

HEMP means – a safer recreational alternative to alcohol and other drugs

HEMP means – safer medical options for chronic disease, less toxic medicines

HEMP means – more environmentally friendly large scale Industrial crops of all uses

HEMP in a legal regulated market means – more options for people on many levels

The inaugural President of HEMP Tasmania is Matt Owen (0404 204080) of Launceston, who has substantial experience as the former NORML representative here and is long time supporter of hemp in all its forms.

Membership is growing consistently, and HEMP is determined to give Cannabis users/growers in Tasmania, both a voice to convey their concerns over the costs of prohibition in society and a political vehicle to carry that voice into Parliament.

HEMP Tasmania Branch is in Hobart with a sub-branch in Launceston.

Since being implemented in Australia from 1929, personal usage has grown to up to 40% of the population. Scientific knowledge of the plant’s effects and biochemistry has grown greatly in that time.

A needless cost to society in personal and economic terms can quickly be turned into a productive benefit via legal regulated business and personal grow rights.

People have the right to choose; it’s time time to activate that choice. Cannabis prohibition simply hasn’t worked.

HEMP Tasmania invites anyone to join, membership is free. So if you are interested in a legal Cannabis world, please join up along with others who feel the same way to make legalisation a reality.

Tasmania should take the steps towards the Full Legalisation of Cannabis and Hemp.

Decriminalisation may sound like a fair concept but this does not remove it from being criminal. With the act of Decriminalisation, the policing is still controlled by the police. No new jobs are created and there is no change to the culture or beliefs people hold.

Hotels for example are policed by licencing boards, health inspectors etc. All of the alcohol is produced with quality control check points, everything is monitored and records are kept. The number of Jobs generated including 4 or more different industries just to get one result, a drink served across a bar.

Cannabis and Low THC Hemp have thousands of applications. The amount of Industries & Jobs which could be formed is unfathomable. Tax, lot’s of areas the government could tax.

With the full legalisation of Cannabis the police could focus on what they are supposed to Crime and helping people.

I believe people should be aloud to grow a plant in the back yard just as people can brew home brew beer if they choose, with out a licence. The fact is, if cannabis was legal there’d be more chance people would purchase it from a certified dispensary or cannabis sales outlet (cafe, hotel) rather than grow their own, knowing that what they have purchased has come from a shop not some dude in his back shed who is questionable towards even being over 18years old.

If a person chooses to grow a lot than they should register as a primary business. Recently for those Tasmanians who enjoy a recreational smoke and more seriously those who use cannabis for it’s medical properties had to endure what is commonly known as the dry season. This happens each year between the months of November through to March. During this time diminished cannabis supplies (due to people demand and use during the months of April through to Oct- Nov) become very sought after.

Prices during the dry season exceed ridiculous, this last season I heard of under a gram of cannabis being sold for $25, that equates to over $700 for an ounce.

During the wet season it would be worth $250 or most likely less. Another reason why Cannabis should be legal and sold in outlets that are licensed not just simply decriminalised.

I’m the acting president for the Tasmanian branch of the HEMP Party. Through the months of November to March. I was contacted every day by somebody looking for cannabis (sometimes people calling each few weeks, others random and a lot seeking for medical needs).

Unfortunately for them I don’t deal with sales of cannabis and there are so many aspects of the black market trade I really strongly disagree with so will only recommend, to try not buy small amounts of low grade cannabis for high amounts, tell the dealer “not worth the money” and you can help it leave them sitting on until the market is flowing again.

I work towards legalisation not support to the present state of things. My opinion Decriminalisation, other than have people relax towards slap on the wrist offences, doesn’t really change much at all.

Full Legalisation is what Tasmania should be trying to achieve. Industries, Jobs, Professionalism.

HEMP Tasmania

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