South Australia

Federal Senate Candidates 2019


Group I

I for Indica on the senate ballot paper for South Australia. 

  1. Angela Adams
  2. Matt Iversen

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Angela Adams


Matthew Iversen: Born in Adelaide in 1977. Grew up in the Adelaide Hills in Aldgate. Graduated High School in 1994.

Studied Technical Production in Theatre, Remedial Massage and Work Health and Safety. Matthew works in the Arts facilitating productions and events.

He became interested in Cannabis and Hemp because of its holistic healing and eco-friendly properties. Recognising that bad laws based on lies and misinformation has prevented society from utilising this amazing plant.

Matthew became the South Australia State treasurer of the HEMP Party in 2013. He has been a member of the HEMP Party ever since.

Matt’s favourite quote is by Jack Herer: “I don’t know if Hemp is going to save the World, but it’s the only thing that can”.


The business name of who prints election material will need to be added to comply with AEC requirements on political party authorisation.

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The HEMP Party invites you to become a member of the Branch in South Australia so we can register for the SA Elections.

You can become a member of the HEMP Party, both the at Federal and State level if you are registered to vote in Australia.

State Party and Federal Branch AGMs 2017 January 28. See facebook for details.

Membership is free, there is an online Federal membership application form.

How to join the HEMP Party:

Would every HEMP Party member from South Australia please also join the HEMP SA facebook group.

You can download and print the State membership application form, fill in your details as they are on the electoral roll and return the form to the address provided.

OR from the website

Help End Marijuana Prohibition South Australia

 Potheads really are the best kinda people!! Everyone’s current efforts are absolutely awesome!! Thank you for taking charge of your futures!

As everyone knows our run for the current elections in SA came to an end a few months ago due to not having enough members to achieve registration in the allotted time frame.

But, several other parties and ‘independents’ have come to us, to support us and, to ask for our support. There are only two currently registered parties that have any sort of alignment with our policies, the Free Australia Party, and the Liberal Democrats Party, and several independents have similar views(i have helped to ‘sway many away from their negative images of Cannabis’ ).

There are also changes to the electoral regulations regarding micro parties and independents, a way for the ‘big three’ to stay in power and block any effort to ‘subvert’ their hedonistic destruction of everything that we and others hold dear.

In a momentous move by all and sundry in this position, independents and ‘micro parties’ have come together (thanks go to M. Aldridge, Free Australia, the LDP and the HEMP SA crews for creating this space for all) in commonality over these draconian measures by our current policy makers/enforcers and a ‘plan of attack’ has been achieved.

We have chosen to work together with the LDP, there are several reasons for this, but mainly its because of our federal alignment and backing of LDP reps across the country (their representative in NSW gained a seat at the recent federal election, hence a voice in parliament already).

Now the ‘plan of attack’ goes thus.. Each party group appoints a representative to run independently, yet together (to run as an ‘independent’, you now need two people running together), so one rep from the LDP one from HEMP. And preference streaming through GVT’s as far away from the ‘big three’ as possible.

The new regulations also have increased the number of people required to register as an ‘independent’ from 4 to 500! (250 for each player) And the cost of registration from $450 to $6000!! ($3000 each) (lol, And we are supposed to be the ‘subversive ones’!!!!), as we are ‘running on empty’ when it comes to funding, the LDP have offered to put up the cash if we can come up with the signatures.

Some of the leadership team are onto this already, but the assistance of all and sundry is required and I know Hempsters will pull together to get this done. We really need to get the current ‘two party system’ broken, along with their destructive agendas, create a ‘bill of rights’ and bring truth and honesty back into the political arena.

Forms are available from all happy herbs stores (City, Glenelg, Semaphore) THC assassins Hindley street, download available from the ECSA website, or you can come to the meetings or AFTERNOONS ON THE GREEN, or you can contact any committee member to discuss this more

I urge everyone to jump on this and help us to help you.. You are the power, not the current false government or policy enforcers..

We are but a few, but our voices are loud and we carry a big stick. Make you voice heard in the highest halls and break the duopoly that is destroying this beautiful country of ours..

With a great deal of appreciation for your efforts and my eternal love for you all,


HEMP South Australia

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