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  1. Dr. John Jiggens
  2. Frank Jordan

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I am a journalist for 4ZZZ in Brisbane and 2BayFM in Byron Bay and a cannabis historian who has written many books about cannabis, including Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp and Marijuana Australiana and I am standing for the HEMP Party for the Federal Senate in Queensland.

The HEMP Party is committed to ending the war on cannabis, which is undoubtedly the most useful plant on the planet. It treats a myriad of illnesses and is a valuable source of fibre, food and fuel.

Cannabis is an extraordinary medicine that was safely used by our ancestors for centuries. As an historian, I have documented how cannabis was one of the most important medicines in Australia before it was banned.

Today 90% of the Australian public want cannabis to be legally available as a medicine, but Australian governments have legislated a fake version of medical cannabis legalisation that enriches their corporate mates, and forces most of the medical cannabis community to the black market

True cannabis legalisation can only exist when it becomes legal to grow our own!

The HEMP Party is committed to ending the war on cannabis users. Australian governments spend three billion dollars enforcing the drug laws and most of this is spent in the war on cannabis with close to 100,000 cannabis offences prosecuted each year.

Prohibition does not work.

All drug law enforcement does is to proportionally increase the price of illicit drugs, so prohibition acts as a multiplier for the black market: every dollar spent on drug law enforcement is worth $10 to the black market. Prohibition has created a $30 billion black market in illicit drugs.

Roadside drug testing has become the latest way of persecuting cannabis users. Drug driving testing should be about impairment; instead it has become a law against the internal possession of cannabis, unfairly punishing people who might have used cannabis over a week ago. These laws need to be amended so they include a dose value based on impairment, similar to alcohol laws.

Separate cannabis the plant from the other illegal drugs. Regulate and tax it.

Dr John Jiggens HEMP candidate, Queensland 0403264216

Dr John Jiggens is a writer and journalist who has published several books including The Incredible Exploding Man, Marijuana Australiana, The killer cop and the murder of Donald Mackay and, with Jack Herer, the Australian version of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Along with Matt Mawson, Anne Jones and Damien Ledwich, he edited The Best of The Cane Toad Times.

His PhD was ‘Marijuana Australiana: Cannabis Use, Popular Culture and the Americanisation of Drugs Policy in Australia 1938 – 1988‘.

The books that derive from this are Marijuana Australiana, The killer cop and the murder of Donald Mackay and The man who knew too much. (source)

Dr John Jiggens – Medicinal Cannabis in Australia now legal: or is it? (interview page)

“When he says medical Cannabis, I’m sure he’s not talking about normal, raw Cannabis that can be smoked, no government is doing it,” says HEMP Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas, “there is nothing to prescribe”.

Recent media reports suggest medicinal Cannabis in Australia is legal, about to be exported, and gaining momentum on the stock market. But what, exactly, is medicinal Cannabis?


Frank Jordan

Frank surveys the coastal plain where the extinct Laced Fritillary butterfly once roamed.

Frank Jordan

Frank’s involvement with the cannabis issue started in 1979. He went to court to successfully force the Qld government to return 39 copies of Noxious Weed magazine seized by the police on the pretext that they were obscene literature.

He has a broad interest in environmental issues and was active in the successful campaign to remove lead from petrol.

He once wrote articles for the Cane Toad Times and still manages to retain a sense of humour.

He is passionate about people connecting with nature. To encourage them to bring butterflies into their lives he co-authored the book “Create More Butterflies“.

He is interested in the way that different religions have used cannabis. Visitors to his humble abode are greeted by a statue of the Hindu god Shiva in his cannabis manifestation.

Frank is currently researching the surprising use of cannabis by the early Christian church. His book “Mary Magdalene Messiah of Marihuana” will be published next year.

Frank has seen the harm that the sadistic cannabis laws have inflicted on his friends. His father was not allowed access to cannabis when he was undergoing chemotherapy for his terminal cancer. Frank has a medical condition which would benefit from the use of cannabis but if he used it men with guns would come and lock him in a cage.

The laws need to change.


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Shiva Somanath, Lord of Bhang, grinding bhang with mortar and pestle, drinking bhang, and smoking chillum,with bowl of golis (bhang balls), and bowl with cloth for straining bhang.


HEMP Queensland is a state branch of the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party of Australia.

Vote 1 HEMP to re-legalise and regulate Cannabis for every use.

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