Federal Election 2019

New South Wales

Federal Senate Candidates 2019


Group B

B for Buds on the senate ballot paper for New South Wales. 

  1. Dr. Andrew Katelaris
  2. Michael Balderstone

The easy way to vote 1 HEMP.

  • Look for the leaf on the Senate Ballot Paper.
  • Write the number 1 in the box underneath.
  • Choose six boxes above the line.
  • Number them in the order that you like.

how to vote HEMP

Established in 1993, the Help End Marijuana Prohibition – or HEMP – Party advocates for the legalisation of Cannabis, which is a move that an ever-increasingly large percentage of the community would like to see. And this month, HEMP is running 14 candidates in the federal election.

On the ticket for the Senate in NSW, we have two of the nation’s Cannabis heavy weights: Dr Andrew Katelaris and Michael Balderstone. The doctor knocked the criminal justice system for six last year, when he proved that it was necessary for him to provide patients with unsanctioned Cannabis oil.

While Mr Balderstone is the bedrock of Cannabis activism in this country. He’s both the HEMP Party president and the head of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy. The easiest way to vote both of them into the Senate is to find the cannabis leaf on the ballot paper and write number 1 underneath it.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers spoke to Dr Katelaris and Mr Balderstone about the cannabis climate at present, the reasons why the plant has been tarnished and the form that they advocate Cannabis legalisation should take in this country. (read more)

SOURCE: End Prohibition. Vote HEMP: An Interview With Dr Andrew Katelaris and Michael Balderstone
BY ▪︎ PAUL GREGOIRE ▪︎ 02/05/2019

Not Guilty on All Charges:
An Interview With Medicinal Cannabis Crusader Dr Andrew Katelaris

Representing himself in court, Dr Katelaris argued a defence of medical necessity, meaning that his patients’ needs were so dire that it was necessary for him to break the law, so he could provide them with life-saving cannabis medicine. (read more)

Dr Andrew Katelaris claims medical marijuana is a lifesaving treatment

HIS homemade concoctions have got him arrested and struck off the medical register. But the man they call the Pot Doctor is prepared to go to prison for what he’s doing. (read more)

Medical Necessity – Finally some sense on Cannabis in Court

Legalise It:
An interview with HEMP Party President Michael Balderstone

Long-time pot advocate. Michael Balderstone is the president of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy. He’s been campaigning for the legalisation of the plant for the last 30 years.

Balderstone is also the president of the HEMP party. He ran as the Western Australian candidate for the party in the 2016 federal election. The party’s aim is to “re-legalise and regulate personal, medical and industrial use” of cannabis. (read more)

New South Wales HEMP Party


The business name of who prints election material will need to be added to comply with AEC requirements on political party authorisation.



A1 size = 594 x 841 mm – Click the image to see and download the pdf print file.



Click the link above to see and download the pdf print file.

HEMP Party NSW needs your ‘Declaration of Party Membership’ for registering the party to contest NSW State Elections.

Join the Federal HEMP Party online and return a paper form for HEMP NSW membership.

Details and links to all state print files are on the State Membership page.

New South Wales (HEMP NSW wants your form too)


  • The NSW Electoral Commission only accept paper ‘Declaration of Party Membership’ forms.
  • You will need to print the form, fill in your details as they are on the Electoral Roll and post the form to the HEMP Party Secretary via snail mail.
  • In the box on the form; “The name of the party of which I am a member is:“, please write; Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

  • Please provide all the information on the form including email and phone.

Return to:
HEMP Party
PO Box 20177
Nimbin NSW 2480

Summary of the registration procedure for NSW political parties.

The HEMP Party is only registered as a Federal Party, at the moment. There is currently an attempt to register HEMP for state elections in Victoria. South Australia have enough members to apply for registration in their state too.

NSW is the most difficult state to register a political party.
Nearly half of HEMP’s members live in NSW and most of those are in the Northern Rivers region. As of July 2017, there are over 2,300 NSW members and less than half the required 750 paper forms have been collected.

Here are the main points in applying for state registration with links to the full details online.

The application form must be accompanied with;

Your confirmation

The NSWEC will check the electoral roll details of at least 750 ‘Declaration of Party Membership‘ forms then send each member a letter with a survey form to confirm your party membership and returned to the NSWEC in a reply paid envelope.

If these initial checks are unsatisfactory or inconclusive, more detailed (and time consuming) checks may be undertaken. (NSWEC)”

Fifteen Months Prior

Parties wanting to have their party name on the ballot paper at the next election should aim to submit their application for party registration to the NSWEC at least 15 months prior to close of nominations for that election.

A State election is usually held in New South Wales on the last Saturday in March every 4 years. 30 March 2019 will be the next occasion.

A complete list of party registration forms are available on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Handbook for New and Continued Registration of Political Parties in NSW


HEMP NSW on Facebook

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NSW Facebook Group


HEMP Facebook Pages: Central Coast | Newcastle | Sydney

HEMP Party NSW needs your ‘Declaration of Party Membership’ for registering the party to contest NSW State Elections.

Join the Federal HEMP Party online and return a paper form for HEMP NSW membership. Details are on the JOIN page.



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