“The Nazi style sniffer dog raids in Sydney at the weekend and the ongoing police corruption inquiry are good reminders to NSW voters of just how ludicrous the war on drugs has become,” said Michael Balderstone, the HEMP party’s NSW Senate candidate. “Meanwhile we’re being led into a second global war by America against the Taliban who are one of the world’s biggest drug dealers, as are also the Northern Alliance, our new allies in Afghanistan.

“Eight months preparation, three hundred police, nine sniffer dogs, for eighteen minor arrests on drug related charges. We believe the sniffer dogs are being used illegally and this will be proved in the courts. The HEMP party would like to know how much this operation cost and what the police think are the overall consequences? More paranoia, more disrespect for police, more alienation of essentially young people. To a huge number of Australians the drug laws are a joke, as they obviously are to some Manly police. Prohibition fails – again and again.

“HEMP is providing people in NSW and Queensland with an opportunity in the federal election to object to prohibition and its massive impact. John Howard told us personally he would do everything in his constitutional power to stop legalisation of cannabis. He also admitted he’d never even heard of farmers’ hemp. Such ignorance is dangerous and the best thing he could do is talk to his children about drugs, they’re sure to know more. It’s probably the best thing most politicians could do. Young people know a lot more about what’s going on in the illegal drug world and they’re tired of ‘teetotallers’ telling them what to do”.

There will be an “art auction with a difference” fundraiser for the HEMP party in the Rainbow Cafe Nimbin next Friday evening.

HEMP is a single issue party whose policy is:

1) to re-legalise cannabis for personal, medical and industrial uses;

2) to allow for homegrowing, regulated sales and health education through registered outlets which will separate cannabis from the criminal black market and end associated corruption;

3) to allow medical use utilising cannabis’ painkilling, relaxing, anti-nausea and healing properties;

4) to establish a commercial hemp industry producing fuel, fibre, paper, textiles, food, oil and other environmentally sound products;

5) the release of all imprisoned for cannabis and the removal of all records of previous criminal cannabis convictions.

HEMP believes it is important for the people to have the opportunity to register their objection to the unjust, unworkable and futile drug war laws.

Contact Nimbin HEMP Embassy for; Judy Canales (Page candidate),
Michael Balderstone and Don Fuggle (NSW Senate candidates).

Nimbin HEMP Embassy (02) 6689 1842; 6689 0326
Michael Balderstone A/H(02) 6689 7525
Don Fuggle 6689 9499 A/H 0428 891161
Dean Jefferys – Richmond candidate (02) 6687 6699
Clive Brazier – Ryan, Qld candidate (07) 3279 0503; 0414 321701
Nick Lavery – Qld Senate contact for Nigel
and Guy Freemarijuana (07) 3356 0304


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