Ryan Aftermath

We apologise to the people who may have been upset by the behaviour and display of anger shown by Nigel at the Polling booths. Police, social workers and many parents (as well as us) are well used to behaviour like this from the alienated young people drastically affected by prohibition. We have a very serious social health situation from criminalizing and alienating our youth.

Nigel’s trust has long been broken by prohibitions curse, like thousands of other young people. His real troubles began after he was given a permanent criminal record for the tiny amount of o.o3 grams of cannabis some years ago.

It is estimated that 10 billion dollars or more was spent in Australia on the drug war. It should all be going into health rehabilitation and real drug education.

Everyone agrees the drug war is lost. Now we must begin healing the huge wounds it has created. Regulation and separation of hard and soft drugs will end so much anger and fear in our communities.

We are encouraged by the hemp vote in one of the most conservative electorates in Australia, and it looks like FreeMarijuana preferences will be vital for a Labor victory.

Labor’s drug policy appears more compassionate and understanding than the Liberals, but both fall a long long way short of what is required. We believe that there is no more urgent social issue than drug law reform and most heads are still deeply buried in the sand.

For us this was a trial run for the real election later in the year when the Hemp Party will run as many candidates as possible. We urge all interested parties or potential candidates to contact us or come to the annual Mardi Grass Cannabis Law Reform Festival and Forum, 5th and 6th of May 2001 in Nimbin NSW.


Michael Balderstone

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