The HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION party announces it will run candidates in the House of Representatives seat(s) of Page and Richmond and for the Senate in NSW. They will be Judy Canales, local activist, author and grandmother, in Page and Dean Jefferys, well known film maker, in Richmond. Michael Balderstone will head the Senate ticket with Don Fuggle as his running mate.

In Queensland Clive Brazier will run for the House of Reps in Ryan and Nigel Freemarijuana and Guy Freemarijuana will run for the Senate.

“It is the first time that half of the Australian population will have the hance to vote HEMP in one election”, said Michael Balderstone, party president. “We are determined to raise the profile of this issue which, have no doubt, affects every Australian”.

HEMP is a single issue party whose policies are

1) to re-legalise cannabis for personal, medical and industrial uses;

2) to allow for homegrowing, regulated sales and health education through registered outlets which will separate cannabis from the criminal black market and end associated corruption;

3) to allow medical use utilising cannabis’ painkilling, relaxing, anti-nausea and healing properties;

4) to establish a commercial hemp industry producing fuel, fibre, paper, textiles, food, oil and other environmentally sound products;

5) the release of all imprisoned for cannabis and the removal of all records of previous criminal cannabis convictions;

HEMP believes it is important for the people to have the opportunity to register their objection to the unjust, unworkable and futile drug war laws.

Contact Nimbin HEMP Embassy for Judy Canales, Michael Balderstone and Don Fuggle.

Nimbin HEMP Embassy (02) 6689 1842; 6689 0326
Don Fuggle A/H 0428 891161 or 6689 9499
Michael Balderstone A/H(02) 6689 7525
Dean Jefferys (02) 6687 6699
Clive Brazier (07) 3279 0503; 0414 321701
Nick Lavery (Qld Senate contact) (07) 3356 0304


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