2004 Elections


We think we stuffed up our preference deals so please go wildcard for us, and number all squares below the line so that your vote goes where you really want it to!!!

Vote below the line for NSW HEMP Senate Candidates!

Vote above or below the line for Queensland Senate Candidates!

In the House of Representatives the only HEMP Candidate is Judy Canales in the seat of Capricornia in Queensland. We wish we had more candidates, and if you are interested in standing in future elections, please get in touch.



The Greens have an excellent cannabis law reform policy. We would also suggest that Labor is better than the Coalition. At least Latham inhaled, and the word “regulation” is in the Labor ten point plan on cannabis! Howard, on the other hand, smugly told us at the Lismore RSL (see photo below) he’d never even heard of “farmer’s hemp”, and is sworn to a zero tolerance war on drugs (that means us ) attitude.

Remember cannabis is on the agenda. Mr Carr has already stated that he will be visiting the new PM for a deal on a medical cannabis trial immediately after the election.

How about this weeks announcement by the Defence Department who have a treatment program called ‘Weed Control’ advising safer drug use such as, eating hash cookies instead of smoking joints! Is this in the field? Attitudes are clearly changing on cannabis, and Howard is out of touch.

Voting below the line in NSW, after HEMP, the Greens have easily the best cannabis law reform policy , and then put Labor ahead of Liberal-National Coalition candidates.

We particularly recommend the Greens NSW No1 Senate Candidate, John Kaye, the only Green in NSW likely to be elected, and a good advocate of cannabis law reform for us in Canberra.

This statement was written and authorised by
Michael Balderstone
NSW HEMP Senate Candidate
51 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW

The HEMP Party stands for an ecologically sound and socially just Australia.

If elected, we would be supporting initiatives in these areas,
as well as pursuing saner drug laws.


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