Prohibition costs Queensland tourism $Billions

Spain recently liberalised its Cannabis laws – Spain is also currently undergoing a tourism revolution!

Why not in Queensland?

“Legal Cannabis use will supercharge the Queensland tourism industry. Americans and Europeans will flock to Queensland once again and we will see a boom like we haven’t seen since the fifties.”


“It is essential that our Federal Government in Australia gets off its butt and does something about our crazy 20th Century laws. Many places we compete with have already given up with all this stupid Cannabis prohibition nonsense, and Queensland has to follow suit – or we will all lose out.”

“All over the world Cannabis laws have been liberalised, or are being liberalised. This is because Cannabis is relatively harmless. Most people know that by now. And most people acknowledge that Cannabis will become legal, like in lots of other tourist destinations. But not everyone realises how much this delay in legalising Cannabis is costing us all: right now!”

“It really impacts on tourism because the tourists with the most money to spend, young travelers from western countries, usually smoke lots and lots of Cannabis. This is a fact. To this segment of the market the idea of a holiday in Queensland is marred by our crazy laws. They don’t want to get locked up. They don’t want to be charged a huge amount by a criminal gang to purchase their weed. And they don’t like being crowded by lots of officious policemen.”

“So what do these valuable tourists do? They look at our laws and then book a holiday in America, in Spain, in Portugal, or in the Netherlands, or some other Cannabis tolerant destination. Until we re-legalise and regulate the growing and sale of Cannabis our tourism industry will be going backwards.”

“Every day hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent in Cannabis friendly tourist destinations that might, otherwise, be flowing into the pockets of Queenslanders.

Every day we export hundreds of jobs. Every day our competitor’s rush further ahead of us. Our pigheadedness is simply stupid. After all this issue is done and dusted. Cannabis will be legal. It is just a matter of when. And the longer we delay the worse off we all become! As it is: Cannabis prohibition is costing Queensland tourism billions of dollars a year.”


HEMP Party Queensland Campaign Launch

The launch will be held under the Surfers Paradise sign (end of Cavill Ave) right on the beachfront.

HEMP Senate Candidate for Queensland, James Moylan, is enthusiastic about the huge boost to tourism that cannabis re-legalisation will cause. This will be one of the principal topics being explored at the HEMP Party Queensland Campaign Launch on Wednesday September 4th at Surfers Paradise.

The launch will kick off at 11 am
HEMP Australia, Michael Balderstone will open the event.
HEMP Queensland President and Candidate, Robbo Da Yobbo, will be master of ceremonies.
Queensland Candidate and HEMP National Campaign Director, James Moylan, will provide a stump speech.
There will be a giant inflatable joint, lots of banners, and colourful and interesting HEMPsters everywhere!

James (Jim) Moylan

Facebook event:

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party


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