Previous Effort


As at 13 January 2009, staff of the Commission had the following results for the 42 persons who were attempted to be contacted from the Party membership list:

• 14 confirmations of membership
• 11 denials of membership
• 17 could not be contacted by registered mail

The random sample membership check did not disclose any cross-party or internal duplicates and no members under 17 years of age.

That’s one out of three. We extend our gratitude to the fourteen who confirmed for their unwavering support.

It is a natural consequence of Prohibition that many cannabis users are alarmed by official contact, and some move about without leaving forwarding addresses at Post Offices.

That is why we ask that you only become a member if you are settled and brave enough to reply to a registered letter or phone call from the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission), saying “Yes I am.”

If you can say “Yes, I am.”, then “Yes We Can” make a difference.

We need new members to replace these denying Peters! (see New Testament)

Contact Graham Askey at the HEMP POLITE Bar over MardiGrass, or write to Graham Askey 9 Frank Street, Lismore, NSW 2480, or email if you have questions.


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