Candidate Preselection

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

Please answer the most relevant questions to your situation with particular emphasis on the questions marked with (*).

We are trying to give voters a reason to vote for you. You can use these questions a guide to write your own short bio or we can do it for you. (word limit 350)

Potential Senate candidates are not separated at this stage of the procedure.

    Are you a HEMP Party member?


    What skills / personal traits do you see as your best asset as a prospective politician; Have you won any awards within your community such as volunteer groups or sporting clubs etc; what community groups do you belong to?

    (examples: are you medically prescribed patient using legal products; have you seen the benefits of use by a friend/family member .. do you have a hemp licence things like that .. don't make any admissions about illegal activity)

    How long have you been involved? (eg 6 yrs ago I was desperate for relief from symptoms of my chronic pain and a friend told me about cannabis. I tried it and found great relief. I cant understand why it remains illegal and I have been doing xxxx to help get the laws changed. I have spoken out publicly and had my story published in New Idea / Courier mail or similar)

    (eg joined cannabis related facebook groups and actively commented; writing submissions for Inquiries; agitating by writing letters to MPs and editors; raising the topic or speaking about it on talk back radio; talking to friends and family; I am a member of HEMP and or of MCUA)

    (attending rallies organising events such as having a stall like HEMP expo and MardiGrass; through my business activity selling hemp products;)

    What was the outcome? How did you feel about the experience? (eg I have been a victim of random roadside testing or I have been raided and arrested possession; production; utensils; documents etc)

    (eg get medicine to people who need but cant afford it .. reduction in antisocial behaviour .. new industries creating employment and prosperity environmental reasons?)

    (examples of local issues could be: antisocial behaviour, Ice problem; roads and public spaces; lack of amenities; being a voice for the people in your electorate; tourism ; getting the economy kick started after covid )

    (some examples of federal issues: health, corruption fed ICAC, transport roads and road safety (drug driving); the economy (Hemp creating industries and jobs) environment (hemp farming) .. creating a compassionate access scheme to subside corporate medicine for people on benefits: Climate Change; renewable energy v fossil fuels; defence; getting rid of the INDUE card ... raising the dole .. lowering pension age ... taxation reform .. ) or any others you might prefer or add

    Please check your Inbox to ensure your email address is valid.

    Thank you very much for making the first step in the candidate preselection procedure for the next federal election.

    You will receive an email containing the information that you have provided.

    Your personal details are retained in accordance with the HEMP Party’s Privacy Policies.

    AEC Candidates Handbook –


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