The powders and pills culture is taking over, and it’s aggro and violent. Disrespect is growing alarmingly, anger simmering. You’ll wish you’d decriminalised pot, it’s a peaceful drug, on its own.

There are endless tragic stories coming into the Hemp Embassy from young people who are experimenting with all sorts of stuff. The whole secret illegal drug culture, unregulated with no quality control, is getting more dangerous by the day. It could change significantly if you softened on cannabis and focussed on more dangerous drugs.

You must remember cannabis is the easy bust, the most risky to carry. Bulky and smelly, especially when you smoke it. Young people who don’t know better use other drugs instead, getting busted is far less likely.

They will be more accessible and open to help and real education if they can talk about their drug use. It’s about acceptance, and building bridges. They don’t trust anything official now, you’re giving them the full rejection!

The future health bill from the effects of prohibition is a nightmare you’re handing on to future leaders. Do the figures, just on lungs. Twenty percent of Australia’s youth is bonging hydro and tobacco mixed! They get tobacco cravings twenty minutes later. Think about it. Afroman’s song “Because I Got High” is top of the pops in Australia and England last week and this week.

Nimbin is looking like a refugee camp from the war on drugs! We rarely see police, they’re in court all day, often for a pot smoker to get a hundred dollar fine! I think eighty percent of drug arrests are for pot.Why don’t you have some real dialogue, meetings with people from the user end, people who have knowledge of the culture and the street. You couldn’t know what’s going on, or you’d do something.

Sincerely, Michael Balderstone HEMP NSW Senate candidate (out of frustration!!)


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