Last night the Hemp Embassy, HEMP party national headquarters, was broken into and trashed.Dave Cannabis, who was inside the building, disturbed the intruders and was beaten up in return. While trying to ring the police, the phone was torn out of his hands and smashed, along with two of his ribs. The police did come, from Nimbin and Lismore, and charges are expected to be laid.
Massive damage was done in the Embassy, with extensive trashing of equipment, including computers, goods stolen and finally everything covered in foam from the fire extinguisher. This, following the police raid on the Embassy last week, has re-ignited anger and confusion on the streets of the tiny village.
Michael Balderstone, HEMP party NSW Senate candidate and party president, said “we have clearly become a refugee camp from the war on drugs. Our town is full of casualties and the HEMP Embassy and other volunteers are stretched beyond their limits trying to cope with the current situation. Professional help is extremely limited and rarely on site when problems occur.
“It’s time for some of the pot smoking ‘suits’ to stand up and be counted for cannabis law reform. Statistics clearly show a huge number of mainstream people are using illegal drugs but the culture is so paranoid few voices are heard.
“The hempsters are a joke factor to a lot of the media and we often feel it suits the authorities for Nimbin to decline into mayhem. We’ve become a scapegoat for the war on drugs. ‘Look what happens if you smoke pot’, we hear Nimbin being used as an example by politicians and bureaucrats constantly, yet we all know it’s prohibition and the huge unregulated black market that’s causing our problems.
This is precisely why HEMP is running in the election and we hope voters will feel safe using the anonymity of the polling booth to register their protest to the government.
Michael Balderstone


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