Policies of Judy Canales


Help End Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P) Party Candidate for Federal Seat of Capricornia


1. Re-Legalise Cannabis /Hemp  and stop wasting Billions p.a. on Prohibition

2. Establish Licensed Farming and Market Production of Cannabis/Hemp and form Australian owned Public Company for Cannabis Control Centres to: Regulate, grade, label, educate, distribute and tax the world’s largest and healthiest natural renewable resource industry.

3. Release from Prison, all “Self-Abuse” Criminals Convicted for Cannabis Only.  (over 200,000 currently imprisoned, who each cost approx $1,000 p.w.)

4. Develop and Expand Cannabis Medicine Industry to permit consumer to:

4.1. Smoke or Consume “HIGH THC” Cannabis Leaf  and Bud.

4.2 .Ingest “NIL THC” Hemp Seed Oil to Treat Unlimited Medical Conditions

5.. Grow Industrial “Low THC” Hemp for: Bio-Diesel Fuel, Fibre, Paper, Natural Plastics, Effluent Treatment, Bricks, Particle Board, Insulation, , Musical Instruments, Environment Restoration.

6. Produce Cannabis Vegan Health Foods and Skin Care Products e.g.

6.1       Non-Dairy Non-Hydrogenated Ice Cream, Tofu, Milk

6.2       Snack Bars, Bread, Cakes, Protein Drinks, Animal Feed.


7.1.  New Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.

7.2. Thousands of new JOBS created.

7.3.  No more “robbing Peter to pay for Paul” Adequate Funding for All Healthcare, Education & Social Justice Policies, Safe Roads, Bridges, Public Transport.

7.4. Methods for taxing Multi-Nationals and  prevention of further threat to democracy via Free Trade Agreements; to protect Australian businesses & Public Services and to cancel Debts of Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)

7.5. End the War on Terrorism, Nuclear Development, Reactors and Food Irradiation Plants and prevention of U.S.A control.

7.6 Changes to Fractional Reserve System (Loans are not other peoples money and only exist on paper. Money is created when we pay  the Banks back. Banks credit money out of thin air at our expense. A more suitable system to be debated would be Government Credits)




Authorised by Graham Askey. For the HEMP Party,

51 Cullen Street, NIMBIN 2480

Written by Judy Canales for the HEMP Party,

51Cullen Street, NIMBIN 2480





My 2001 attempt to End Prohibition and stop Multi-National control was won by 29 police officers fruitlessly raiding my campaign office, 9 days before the polls. However,  God gave us the perfect plant, yet after 8,000 years, Du Pont who patented the petro-chemical synthetic industry, conned the Doctors into prohibiting “Marijuana” lying it was the Mexican Loco-Weed not Cannabis – their most popular medicine. Its now payback


POLICIES as Listed above.


Born in Rockhampton, my Dad was President of Hotels Association. Whilst in the Commercial Hotel, Clermont, I sat for Junior before returning to Rocky Grammar and the Criterion Hotel. I managed hotels but teaching yoga in Rocky 13yrs ago, I was busted for 2 grams of Cannabis and told it was up to me to change the law. I moved to Nimbin, bought land, lived in a tipi and initiated Mardi Grass Law Reform Rallies, formed a spiritual charity, cared for and de-toxified homeless youths, whilst fundraising and submitting Hemployment Models.



Central Queensland has been battling erosion and salinity, the reef is being choked and we have too many droughts. Too many people are isolated or live in poverty, yet we have the ability to produce the world’s largest natural renewable resource industry in our backyard. Imagine growing our ownBiodiesel fuel. Cars only need to adjust their timer to use this fuel. Why have wars to satisfy governments. We are the people and we are the power.

PM?  Definitely not anyone controlled by the Multi-Nationals and the IMF who sneak in Free Trade Deals, sell off our assets like our State Forests, Underground Water, bring in cheap foreign labour to replace our workers. Not to mention the Fractional Reserve System. Banks don’t lend us other people’s money. We give them money when we REPAY the LOAN.  Yuk! Don’t give any of them any more power. We are the people and we are the power.

Would you like a representative who’s truly born and bred in Rockhampton –  someone honourable enough to stand up, against all odds, and fight for her community and environment ?

I, Judy Canales, of the Help End Marijuana Prohibition ( HEMP) Party believe Central Queensland should be the first place to grow Re-Legalised Cannabis.

I conducted the first HEMP Forums here nine years ago and the Hemp trials followed.

Now, is the time to develop the largest natural renewable resource industry in the world creating billions of dollars and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. – growing a new economy.

From fuel to food, plastics to medicine and as for drugs, remember, seven million Australians have smoked cannabis and we are not criminals. However, Cannabis is a “focus” drug – it “facilitates the predisposed condition”. Therefore Guilt and Fear can lead to Paranoia”. And after all, it’s not the drug which causes problems in society but the problems in society which give good drugs a bad name.

Vote 1. Judy Canales for  H.E.M.P.



Judy Canales, a strong advocate for the legalisation of marijuana, ran in several elections. In 1999 she stood and Independent for the Lismore elections, then she joined the Hemp Party (Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party) and ran in the House of Representatives for the seats of Page (2001) and Capricornia (2004).

In a press release for her campaign in 2004, Judy Canales described herself as “an unemployed artist extremely talented in music, theatre, autobiography, playwright, oil painting.” She also owned a djembe drum that she had played all round Australia, teaching children and the handicapped to play. Judy passed on. She will be sorely missed.


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