More Police Raids in Nimbin Today Just Before The Election

“It’s hard to not think the massive police raids in Nimbin today aren’t at least a bit political. I remember raids here before in the week before an election. Big Pharma has been under attack from quite a few candidates in this election and not just the HEMP Party which is based here in Nimbin.

The Health Party, Sex Party, Drug Law Reform Party, just to name a few,” said Michael Balderstone, President of the HEMP Party and the WA Senate candidate. The HEMP Party is running candidates across Australia and in many states has a joint ticket with the Sex Party.

“I think the public is waking up to Big Pharmas greedy monopoly on pain relief, probably the most lucrative business on earth. Suffering people will sell their house and spend their last cent trying to get pain free. It’s hard to be happy while you are in pain. And the public is waking up to medical cannabis being so helpful for so many many ailments and with no side effects, or only good ones! And Nimbin is the one place where they can buy organic outdoor cannabis for making their medicine, everywhere else its hydroponically grown indoors in a bath of chemicals and without any sunshine. It’s a different product.”

“Big Pharma loves to keep you alive as long as possible at the end of your life and drain you bank account while you’re a vegetable.”

“Cannabis was in the majority of medicines a hundred years ago and Big Pharma stands to lose billions if we are allowed to grow a few plants in our back yard. The irony is it would save the Government a small fortune and as we all know our health costs are spiralling out of control.”

“The police are the meat in the sandwich and if they would only realise it, actually working for the Pharmaceutical industry who spends a fortune lobbying the pollies to maintain prohibition of natures traditional and best pain killing herbs. We should be taking a leaf out of the changes that are well underway in America with half the country now able to access legal medical marijuana. The results are coming in and all extremely positive with arrests way down of course as well as opiate overdose deaths (25 %!), car accidents, alcohol use, suicides, domestic violence and so on.”

“In America President Obama is releasing non violent cannabis offenders from jail while here in NSW the Premier is planning on spending a billion dollars on new jails next year. We are being hoodwinked and organised crime is laughing all the way to the bank, or their mattress!”

“So many police involved in the raids today it must have cost a small fortune and nothing will have changed. The war on drugs is lost, drugs have won.”

Michael Balderstone
HEMP Party President




ADD * ADHD * aggression * alcoholism * Alzheimer’s * anorexia * anxiety * acquired brain injury * arthritis * Asperger’s * asthma * autism * cancer * child birth * Crohn’s disease * dental pain * depression * diabetes * domestic abuse * drug dependence * dysfunction * endometriosis * epilepsy * focus * fibromyalgia * glaucoma * heart disease * hepatitis C * HIV/AIDS * hopelessness * immune deficiency * inflammation * insomnia * leukaemia * libido * loneliness * lupus * Lyme’s disease * lymphoma * menstrual pain * migraine * morning sickness * multiple sclerosis * nausea * no sense of humour * obesity * OCD * opiate/ice addiction * osteoporosis * pain * Parkinson’s * psychosis * PTSD * spasticity * stress * Tourette’s * trigeminal neuralgia and many more.

Stand up to greed and vested interests like Police Jobs and Big Pharma Growth

The Australian Sex Party and the Marijuana (HEMP) Party have reached an historic agreement to win seats at the coming federal election..


  • Queensland Group V

  • South Australia Group R

  • Tasmania Group H

  • Western Australia Group S

  • Northern Territory Group B


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