Party runs in Ryan

HEMP Party runs in Ryan By-election

H.E.M.P. Party lights up for FreeMarijuana PROTEST VOTE

Nigel FreeeMarijuana, the first candidate to be endorsed by the newly founded Federal H.E.M.P Party, is expecting to capture a significant percentage of anti government protest votes this weekend.

“Everyone knows that the Ryan By -election is almost a farce. In six months time we are going to have to do it all over again and this gives us an ideal opportunity to send a message to Canberra that the time for drug law reform has come.”

“If you have ever smoked pot, then you know we are not criminals.” Said Nigel, “I am asking you to vote one Free Marijuana on Saturday as a protest, then put a 2 next to labour, liberal or whatever. They’ll get your preference vote anyway and we’ll send a message to Canberra that this is an important issue. We are sick of being criminalised. Even a small percentage of the total vote will send a message to the major political parties that the time has come for a total change of attitude towards cannabis. Drug use is a health issue.”

“We are all disgusted by the actions of John Howard’s cronies in the Jackie Kelly Affair who formed the totally bogus Marijuana Smokers Rights Party, a total sham designed only to collect preferences for the liberals. The new grass roots Australian H.E.M.P. Party intends to run candidates for the senate in the federal election later this year in as many states as possible.” Said Michael Balderstone, President of Australian H.E.M.P, travelling on the peacebus. “We are here to prove that Nigel is the real thing.”

The Nimbin Hemp Embassies world famous peacebus is in Brisbane to help Free Marijuana. Over the next few days the brightly painted bus, adorned with banners and loud speakers, will be cruising around the electorate “Blues Brothers Style” crewed by Hempsters in convict clothes and hand cuffs.
(Great Photo Opportunity) If you see the peacebus show your support and honk your horn if you use pot!


For information about the Queensland Ryan By-election see;

The ALP website pages for the Ryan info, quite good.

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