NSW Party Registration

To all New South Wales members,

It is difficult to register a political party for state elections in New South Wales because 750 “Declaration of Party Membership” paper forms are required by the NSW Electoral Commission. And there’s a new form, making the previous version redundant.

Your details must match those on the electoral roll. You can check them via the NSW electoral commission website. There are links on the state-member page. Print out, check on, fill in, sign up, post off.

Are you a state member yet?

You could put a few friend’s paper forms in the same envelope to return to Nimbin. Do you know of any party members who live near you? HEMP Party Facebook groups may help.

We expect a few members to ask about sending them blank forms since the renewed drive for NSW party registration. Many members don’t have access to a printer or are reluctant to draw attention to themselves as “criminals” at the local library or community centre.

Hopefully, a few members will find methods to make the party registration process easier to achieve. Please do drop in to the Embassy for a paper form if you’re a local or visiting Nimbin.

There are about 14 months before the deadline to register in NSW for 2023, so there is time for two state Annual General Meetings to organise the formalities. AGMs are due in November for the Embassy, MardiGrass and the HEMP Party. The NSW meeting is proposed for the same day.

The rules say we need to be registered in NSW 16 months prior to the next state election. Here are the main points and a link to the full details.

How to register a party

Making an application to register a political party is a time consuming and complex process. Political parties should be prepared before applying to be registered, to facilitate the application process. The following preparation by the party is important:

  • understand it takes time to register and that the party will not receive the entitlements of registration until registered for 12 months
  • propose a legally compliant registered party name
  • include all documents and forms required for registration
  • confirm the party has the following office bearers including:
    • a secretary
    • a registered officer and
    • a deputy registered officer.
  • have $2,000 available to pay the application fee to be a registered party for State elections (there is no application fee to be a registered party for local government elections).


Coming soon: The New Zealand, Queensland and US election results. Cannabis Inquiry in Victoria, Greens Bill in NSW, more roadside testing plus proposed CBD legislation.

Follow the news on HEMP’s Facebook page, subscribe to the Embassy Headlines and check out the online shop too.

Michael Balderstone
HEMP Party President

PS. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) were satisfied with their review of membership, so that means HEMP is registered for the 2022 federal election.

NSW Party Registration

State Membership

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