New South Wales Government Stonewalls Medical Cannabis Tincture Proposal

It is possible a 5.2 million dollar medical extraction facility could be built in Queensland .


After two years of attempting to negotiate with the NSW Government, a way forward needs to be found for terminally ill, chronically ill, MS, HIV, glaucoma, arthritis and many other patients to have access to a safe, effective, inexpensive, natural and legal medicine. For this reason I have decided to reapply in Queensland .


There are so many sick people relying on me to provide these medicines. For twelve months I have had approval from the TGA to proceed, and my consultants have since been waiting on the NSW Government.


This facility needs to be built soon. The need is pressing. It could easily employ up to a hundred people within two years of operation. Many of these would be indigenous peoples, regardless of where it is built.


I apologise to the people of the Kempsey-Port Macquarie area, but hope they will understand that any decision to try to establish elsewhere is for the sake of the people who are suffering now. Their situations cannot wait for political delays.


For two years now, working with our local member Andrew Stoner, I have tried to find some way forward through the politics of the situation. I have even tried to secure an appointment with our Federal member Robert Oakeshott, but the media have had more good fortune than I in succeeding at that.


This is the point at which negotiations have stalled. A submission was sent to Bruce Battye, Acting Chief Pharmacist and Associate Director, Pharmaceutical Services, Clinical Safety, Quality and Governance Branch of the New South Wales Department of Health, dated 17th November 2009. So far no reply or acknowledgement of receipt has been received.


Since that time I have sought the assistance of the following persons in gaining a reply.


Port Macquarie Deputy Commander of Police

Kempsey Police Duty Officer

Nimbin Police Duty Officer

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally MP

NSW Deputy Premier & Health Minister Carmel Tebbutt MP

Professor Debora Picone, Director General, NSW Health Department

Nathan Rees MP, then NSW Premier

Julia Gillard MP Prime Minister

Nicola Roxon, MP, Federal Health Minister

Kevin Rudd MP, then Prime Minister

P. J. Moore, Department of Health and Ageing, Ministerial Liaison and Support Section

Senator Bob Brown MP, Leader of the Greens

Barry O’Farrell MP, JP, MLA, Leader of the NSW Liberal Party

Robert Oakeshott MP Member for Lyne

Andrew Stoner MP Member for Oxley

Andy Parks, Northern Rivers Echo & Ralph magazine

Mandy Sayer, The Monthly magazine

Tim Elliot, Sydney Morning Herald


Tim Elliot from the Sydney Morning Herald did succeed in getting me a phone number but unfortunately no one answers. I have explored every avenue open to me wherever possible to advance this matter, but have failed to gain a response.


The cannabis tinctures have been tested by Southern Cross University on behalf of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd and have been found to contain no illegal substances and no psycho-active components. Our tinctures are the result of research to isolate the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis from the psychoactive. We feel this is an approach worthy of consideration.


Again I apologise as I know that the Kempsey-Port Macquarie area does need the training and employment for our young indigenous people that this facility would have brought to this area but our culture does not allow me to watch people suffer and do nothing. For the sake of those people suffering from conditions that respond to this medication, I must explore all possibilities.



Anthony D Bower



Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd

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