Mullaways Medical Cannabis Statement

There is Justice

Common Sense prevails.

I would like to thank all those who have given or shown support for my release.

It is good to be home with family and friends. I will be taking some time to consider the way forward from here. The clinical trials in Victoria will need to be worked through and applications made to NSW Ministry of Health to acquire a licence to cultivate, possess and supply Cannabis plants for the purposes of scientific research, analysis and study.

This will allow Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd to legally grow a certain number of Cannabis plants to be made into Mullaways natural, low-dose, non-psychotropic cannabinoid tincture to be used in the clinical trials, so definitive research on Cannabis and cannabinoids and their medical benefits may finally be done in Australia.

The NSW Senate Inquiry recently found it’s not acceptable to criminalise people for simply trying to achieve pain relief and quality of life, through the legal conventional ways or otherwise. The recognition of Cannabis as a medical right has now raised the need for trials and research so Cannabis based medications can be developed and produced safely, cheaply and legally to be made readily available from licensed pharmacists and hospitals.


I am looking forward to my meeting with Andrew Stoner in July so that we can move all of this along.


Anthony Bower, Director

Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd

Michael Balderstone, President of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy, long time Mullaway supporter, says…

“Tony may be out of jail but he now he has this horrid shadow of a suspended sentence over him for twelve months. One wrong move and he’s behind bars for a year. Tony really is a hero in this war on Cannabis and make no mistake about it, it’s a war, with a lot of lives and money at stake. If only more Australians stood so tall in the face of such serious injustice, change could happen faster.”

“Its critical that the medical Cannabis users of NSW put their paranoia aside and talk to their local members of parliament over the next months and inform them of the facts. They will be voting on the issue before the end of the year and it’s up to us to keep it at the top of their often very big in-tray. It’s fair to say they are probably out of touch with the illegal drug world and how it affects peoples lives accessing their medicine of choice. Phone up and make an appointment, or write your story to them.”

“And the HEMP Party will be targeting Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott from now on. They need to address the issue of medical Cannabis as the JJJ Hack interview said. They need to get informed. For example, all this drama from ‘synthetic cannabis’ is totally a consequence of prohibition. People want Cannabis for medical reasons way more than the politicians realise.”

Alan Salt, Nimbin HEMP Embassy Vice President says….

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy is very happy that Tony Mullaway, on appeal, has had his twelve month sentence commuted to a suspended sentence to be of good behaviour. This is the best news we’ve had for awhile.

Hopefully the powers that be are beginning to see that Cannabis is not the horror story that some elements would like to portray it as. The recent NSW Inquiry gave favourable findings, but failed to deal with the details. On the political and legislative level we are crawling.

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy looks forward to some baby steps and the day medical Cannabis can actually start walking. We are far behind many countries in our thinking on this. Isn’t it about time we moved forward?

“Wait for the evidence”, you say. There is already more than enough evidence, but Australia ignores it and pretends it doesn’t exist. Instead we cater to hearsay. Please Australia, take the time to honestly appraise the situation. Do you have a relative or loved one with cancer, aids, or spasticity?

Can you deny them a helpful medication with less side effects than currently accepted but less effective medications?

Rise above the fear tactics. Think about it, honestly.


Nimbin HEMP Embassy 02 6689 0326

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