HEMP Party on Medical Cannabis Report


The HEMP Party of Australia is grateful and cautiously optimistic about the release of the Final Report of the NSW upper house inquiry into medicinal cannabis use.

“Of course we are disappointed that the committee seeks to allow access to such a limited group of patients, but it’s a start and we have no doubt that in three years time when this initiative is reviewed it will be all positive,’ said President Michael Balderstone.

“And it has put the debate squarely on the table again which can only help educate people and dispel some of the ignorance and fear that surrounds the use of cannabis.”

“Under the proposed new regime only those who qualify to be on the ‘authorised cannabis patients and carers’ list will be allowed access to cannabis as a medicine. So the vast majority of those who are currently self-medicating illegally will continue to be labelled criminals. While the findings of the committee do represent a step forward, it is a very tiny step along a very long path that inevitably must be traversed.”

“If the NSW Parliament follows the recommendations it will likely only benefit a tiny fraction of the States cannabis users so we are not dealing with the real elephant in the room. Meanwhile we remain nearly twenty years behind America who first legalised medical cannabis in 1996 and now has half the country dispensing to patients. We could learn a lot from them.”

“In the executive summary the committee notes that cannabis is ‘an effective treatment for some medical conditions’. It then goes on to note that 69% of Aussies support legislation to allow the medical use of cannabis.

We think if patients are authorised by a doctor ninety percent of Australians would support medical cannabis use no longer being a criminal offence. It is in truth a health issue and far better doctors making these decisions rather than police and politicians who are surely not the drug experts!”

“Meanwhile our politicians have to consider the recommendations and we urge all NSW medical cannabis users to contact their local Parliamentarian and explain to them how they benefit from their choice of medicine, how much their medication costs them on the black market, and how being a criminal for their choice of medicine has affected their life.”

Michael Balderstone: further info on 02 66890326 or a/h 02 66897525

NSW Inquiry: Final Report, The use of cannabis for medical purposes.




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