Bio-ethanol produced under the proper conditions, is essentially a clean fuel and has several clear advantages over petroleum-derived gasoline in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in metropolitan areas.

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The study of marijuana cannabinoid biology has led to many important discoveries in neuroscience and immunology. These studies have uncovered a new physiological system, the endocannabinoid system, which operates in the regulation of not only brain function but also the regulation of the immune system.

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MCUA Cries Out For Wasted Medical Cannabis

The Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) members across Australia retaliated in a backlash of vilification against police operations yesterday over their destruction of Cannabis discovered in annual search and destroy missions carried out in the Northern Rivers last week.

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Hemp Seed Rejection Infuriating

Police concerns continue to impose the ban on the consumption of hemp seed foods.

Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) have repeatedly approved an application to allow consumption of Australian grown hemp seed.

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HEMP Party Demands Right to Life

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party acknowledges Australia’s embrace of the strongest possible anecdotal evidence of the benefits of Cannabis.

It’s comforting for many supporters to see mainstream media and a handful of politicians reporting on the widespread use and community acceptance of Cannabis for medical purposes.

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WA Election Campaign Notes

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party opened its WA Senate Campaign on Tuesday and has been attracting a great deal of media attention.

Help HEMP keep up the momentum by getting involved in the campaign. This can be as simple (yet vital) as talking to all your friends and neighbours about HEMP.

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Senate Voting Practices

The HEMP Party totally opposes the proposal by Nick Xenophon to change the Above the Line Voting system to an ‘Optional Preferential’ method as currently used in the NSW Legislative Council elections.

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HEMP Party Campaign Launch outside Police Commissioner’s Office

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party is launching its National Election Campaign in Sydney on Monday at 1pm outside NSW Police Commissioner Scipione’s Office at 201 Elizabeth St.

HEMP President Michael Balderstone believes the Police Commissioners office is a perfect location for a HEMP Party launch.

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