Cannabis is a herb

Cannabis is a herb. Every part of the plant is used — root, leaves, and flowers for medicine; stems for textiles, rope, and paper; seeds for food and oil.

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Site pages in their sections ▷ HEMP Party Australia ▷ About The Party ◇ Site Map ▷ Join the HEMP Party ▷ Donate ▷ Contact ▷ Latest Media Release ▷ HEMP Leaves ▷ Policy Archive Policies and Topics are cross referenced in Sectors as categories and tagged with Aspects of the Cannabis plant. ▷ Topic […]

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Legalise Cannabis Australia

December 2021: The Party has a new name; Legalise Cannabis Australia Donations can be received via; Please support the campaign to re-legalise home-grown Cannabis The Party appreciates your donation for candidate nomination fees and campaign funding in the next federal election. ABN: 75 964 710 260 Terms and conditions for donations to the HEMP […]

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Just say GROW - Free Cannabis for Personal Use -

ABN: 75 964 710 260 NEW NAME, NEW WEBSITE Legalise Cannabis Australia PO Box 20177, Nimbin NSW 2480 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480 Michael Balderstone – President 0472 760 236 Nimbin HEMP Embassy Office 02 6689 0326 Shop 02 6689 1842 Main Facebook Page Twitter @LegaliseParty Contact the Party […]

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HEMP Party Australia

just say grow

THE WHOLE PLANT Re-legalise and regulate personal, medical and industrial use. The Party has a plan to integrate the whole plant into our everyday lives for medicine, food security, the environment and social harmony. Just say grow – free Cannabis for personal use. It’s official 22 December 2021: The Party meets the requirements to remain […]

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The Aims & Objectives of the Party shall be: to endorse candidates to contest federal elections. to legalise Cannabis in all states and territories of Australia for personal use medical and therapeutic industrial purposes collecting and disseminating knowledge relating to all or any of the Party’s aims campaigning to, and lobbing of, all sectors of […]

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