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The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party is twenty years old but the recent online rebirth of the Party has seen a big increase in interest, membership, and motivation to get Cannabis law reform on the political agenda again.

“If Gough Whitlam had lasted a little longer as PM we could have raised our families in a climate without prejudice,” says Michael Balderstone, the Party President. “I was reminded of that at our big pre-election and strategy meeting of candidates last Sunday in Nimbin.”

“Campaign Director and motivator Jim Moylan and his online team has the HEMP Party registered in each Australian State now, which was no small effort.”

“We are optimistic that we cannot be ignored for much longer, especially if we can run Senate Candidates in all six States and pay the $4,000 nomination fee to the cashier of the Australian Electoral Commission, in the capital city of every State of Australia, before 5pm on Thursday the 15th August. That’s $24,000 which is a lot of dough for potsmokers who have to pay $250 at least, for an ounce of their sacred medicine they could grow in their backyard.”

“I admit I am in a unique situation working in Nimbin almost every day and spending a lot of time on the street so I have got to understand the horrors of prohibition much more than the average Joe. I understand why respect for authority is out the window for so many people, why violence is becoming everyday news. We feel badly betrayed by Politicians who are clearly hoodwinked by propaganda from vested interests. Why else would they not review the “war on drugs” attitude which every expert says has failed and not only failed but causing more harm than help? Why else would they not follow overseas examples now well underway all showing the benefits of treating drug use as a health issue rather than criminal? California has had legal medical cannabis since 1996.”

“So, just like like Kevin Rudd and the rest, we are begging for donations from our supporters. We have almost half the bond money and plenty of promises, but now is the time for people to kick in if they can.”

“In the next five weeks we will do our best to get Cannabis law reform on the election agenda and we do have a head start in the imagination stakes, thanks to the herb! There is no bigger elephant in the room than this issue, and there are millions of Australians who work, smoke and vote. Many of whom cannot put their hand up publicly because they will lose their job, and that’s why I am to be the senate candidate in WA, along with Jims daughter Tayla Moylan. She is eighteen years old and a voice for the millions of young people who have realised the drug war is a sham. Perhaps she can also inspire the millions of cynical youth who are not registered to vote!”

“Cannabis consumers must be allowed to grow their own supply. We are not criminals, the law is the crime, and anyway it is foolish to not regulate and tax the industry. Legal Cannabis could potentially make billions in tax revenue and save billions in expensive law enforcement, policing, jails, health and social costs etc. Evidence based laws make more sense and the huge benefits are now obvious in many other countries who have embraced change.”

“The added bonus is Hemps multiple uses, instead of chemical laden cotton and canola farms, the fibre and seed has properties that leave other plants in the dust. We are talking about the most grown plant on the Planet not long ago! There were a lot of reasons to outlaw the plant, and they were all about making money.”

“Thanks to the support of everyone, we can feel good about doing together what is really important for the future of all people, as well as the whole Planet. Cannabis can regain its myriad uses for us so easily, if we will only look at the facts.”

Please give what you can in this rare opportunity to help us have our say. Donations can be made by a natural person, a corporation, a trust, an unincorporated body, or a union. The donor does not have to be on an electoral roll.

Your donation to the HEMP Party is tax deductible.

Michael Balderstone

HEMP Party President

51 Cullen Street Nimbin NSW 2480

Phone: (02) 66 890326 A/H 66897525

James Moylan 0439377217


Provisional HEMP Party Senate Candidates

NEW SOUTH WALES 1. BJ Futter 2. Jason Olbourne – QUEENSLAND 1. James Moylan 2. Robbo Da Yobbo – SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1. Ray Thorpe 2. Chris Calvert – TASMANIA 1. John Reeves 2. Matt Owen – VICTORIA 1. Matt Riley 2. Ryan Fletcher – WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1. Michael Balderstone 2. Tayla Moylan


Friends and supporters,

HEMP faces the most significant hurdle it has ever faced.

Now that we are an Australia wide force we need to fund election bonds in all six states of Australia.

We can raise this money from the general public BUT NOT IN TIME.

So I turn to asking our old friends and supporters to please consider putting your hand in your pocket, to pay the bond for one of our candidate teams, or if this is beyond your means, then please assist us to whatever degree you possibly can.

The HEMP team have invested many months of hard work on behalf of Cannabis law reform in Australia and we will engage the coming election in a professional, tenacious, and effective manner; IF WE CAN (Cannabis).

Please help us to get our voice heard in the mainstream press during the coming election.

We need $24,000 to post the bonds for our candidates.

We need this in the bank by next Monday. And while this is only a first hurdle – nothing else can happen unless and until we get this done!

So please reach into your hearts and give.

Now is the time I need you, my friends and supporters, to get behind HEMP like you never have before.

Help HEMP change the world for the better.



Commonwealth Bank – HEMP Party – BSB 062565 Acc: 1072 1202


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