State Membership

The HEMP Party is not registered in any Australian State or Territory to contest Elections, yet.

  • Please choose the state membership form to also register for your home state and join the facebook groups.
  • You must already be a HEMP Party member or the FEDERAL membership application form must be included for your state registration.
  • You can join online for Federal and send paper for State Membership.
  • Registration criteria differs for each State.
  • Currently, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia also require a membership application form.

▷ Check your details

  • Follow the online instructions to confirm your AEC enrolment and ensure the correct information is provided to HEMP.

New South Wales (HEMP NSW wants your form too)


  • The NSW Electoral Commission only accept paper ‘Declaration of Party Membership’ forms.
  • You will need to print the form, fill in your details as they are on the Electoral Roll and post the form to the HEMP Party Secretary via snail mail.
  • In the box on the form; “INSERT FULL NAME OF THE PARTY AS REGISTERED OR TO BE REGISTERED“, please write; Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

  • Please pencil your email address on the back of the form or on a separate piece of paper so we can find your federal membership details on record.

Return to:
HEMP Party
PO Box 20177
Nimbin NSW 2480


  • The HEMP Party is not considering contesting elections in Queensland for several reasons.
  • Electoral Commission Queensland –
  • Registration –

South Australia (PLEASE send this form to HEMP SA)

  • HEMP SA membership requires a paper application form.
  • Please print a form and follow the instructions for membership.

▷ HEMP South Australia Membership Application


  • There is a strong possibility of registering in Tasmania.
  • Members can just apply for Federal membership at this stage.
  • Details on state registration are on Tasmanian Electoral Commission website –


There is no extra membership form required.

  • To be eligible for registration, a political party must have at least 500 members who are registered Victorian electors and hold membership in accordance with the rules of the party.
  • They must not be members of another registered political party or of a party applying for registration.

The HEMP Party is seeking registration for Victorian elections.

  • Federal HEMP Party members who live in Victoria will be added to the state membership.
  • Victorian Electoral Commission

Western Australia


Return to:
HEMP Party
PO Box 20177
Nimbin NSW 2480

You can update your enrolment details and find state information on the WAEC website.

Western Australian Electoral Commission:

Registering a Political Party in Western Australia:

Registered Political Parties in WA:


The paper form below is the Federal version and member registration is required for both federal and state membership.

You can JOIN ONLINE for Federal and send a paper form for State membership.


Print the membership application form using the onscreen menu and return the original with your details and signature to the address on the form.


If you have trouble with the ‘pdf’ then you can try this Image File instead.

Membership application forms are also available from your local branch office.

ACT and NT do not require a separate form.

For further information on Federal or State membership please
▷ Contact the HEMP Party.

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Enrol to vote online, update or check your enrolment details.


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