Change Email Address

EMAIL addresses are used for primary identification because there are no two the same.

Your EMAIL address is used to search for your record on file, so HEMP needs the old address too.

This change of EMAIL address input form is for existing HEMP Party members who want or need to change their EMAIL address only.

All other details including your name and residential address etc. will remain the same on record.

Members who also have a User Account on this website with their previous EMAIL address will have to re-register for a new User Account because the previous account will be removed. Some data can be transferred to your new user account so wait before deleting your previous account so that we can ‘merge’ them together if possible.

For security reasons, in the event of your email account being hacked or no longer under your control, the previous email address will be blocked from entering the member only section of this website (members, activity, groups and forums) when you change email address.

Can HEMP be sure you’re who you say you are?

Some extra information is required to make it easier to prove your identity.

  • A copy of your information may be forwarded to your State Branch Officer if paper forms are required in your home state.
  • Please register at state level so HEMP can register for state elections.
  • The State Membership Application page has all the necessary details.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your new address and another email when your request is processed by a real person.


    Please provide some details for confirmation

    * required to complete the form.
    Tab key moves to the next field.

    / /

    The one you want to use from now on.

    The email address that you want to delete.

    * Declaration

    I want to change my EMAIL ADDRESS on record with the HEMP Party.
    I declare that all the information I have provided in this form is true and complete.


    • After clicking SEND and all required fields are filled,
    • you will be redirected to the ‘Contacted’ page
    • and a confirmation will arrive at your new EMAIL address.

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