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Membership is open to all people who;

  1. are eligible to be enrolled on the AEC electoral roll
  2. support the aims and objectives of the HEMP Party
  3. agree to accept the rules and regulations of the HEMP Party

Membership is free.

You can join if you’re an Australian citizen who is registered to vote and not a member of any other political party.

You must be currently enrolled to vote.

Because the membership will be verified to ensure the HEMP Party is a legitimate political party with a genuine membership, you must be prepared to keep your electoral details up-to-date, and answer any query from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as to the correctness of those details.

You are eligible to enrol for Federal Elections if you: are an Australian citizen (or a British subject who was enrolled on 25 January 1984) and 18 years or older (You can enrol if you are 16 or 17 but you cannot vote until you turn 18.), and have lived at your current address for at least one month.


Please provide exactly the same details as are currently entered on the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Electoral Roll

* required to complete the application.
Tab key moves to the next field.

/ /

Residential Address

An exact match to your details on the electoral roll and usually matches your Driver Licence too.

A confirmation email will be sent and future HEMP Party emails.

Area Code and eight digits. Mobile also ten digits. No spaces or brackets. Example: 0412341234


You can join the HEMP Party if you’re an Australian citizen who is currently enrolled to vote and not a member of any other political party.

* Are you registered to vote in Australia?

* Are you a member of another political party?

* Will you maintain your electoral roll details?

* Declaration

I want to become a registered member of the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party.
I agree to comply with the conditions of membership.
I declare that all the information I have provided in this form is true and complete.


After clicking SEND with a completed form you will be
  • redirected to the page for State membership application forms and
  • receive a copy of your details in an email and then
  • become a member (if your details are accurate and your answers are satisfactory.)

▷ Check your enrolment details

Follow the online instructions to confirm your AEC enrolment details and ensure the correct information is provided to the HEMP Party.

▷ Find your electorate

Input your locality or suburb to find your Federal Electorate on the AEC search page.

Your privacy is very important.

Accordingly, we have developed policies in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information when you join the HEMP Party.
▷ HEMP Privacy Policy


The paper form can be used instead of the online method of membership application.

Print the membership application form using the onscreen menu and return the original with your details and signature to the address on the form.


If you have trouble with the ‘pdf’
then you can try the Image File instead.


Membership application forms are also available from your local branch officer.

protest vote

▷ Join the Party in your Home State

Paper forms are required for state level membership in some states of Australia. Please complete the paper form for your home state so that the HEMP Party can also register for State Elections.

Find the details on how to join the party at state level and links to member forms on the…

▷ State Membership Application Page

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