Instant heroin addiction is a media myth.

Greg Chipp is not quite right in saying instant heroin addiction is a media myth. There are thousands of part time users, for some it drops off, for others their use grows. For some, one taste is enough, it’s too good. Any doctor will tell you opium is the best pain-reliever on the planet.
Nimbin, now looking like a refugee village from the war on drugs, has a huge number of ex-drug abusers of all sorts, but particularly alcoholics, who now smoke pot and manage to keep their lives together. Obviously one has to grow their own as it’s $300 an ounce, but it’s a very real option for many compared to the likes of methadone, (method one, invented by the Nazis along with synthetic speed).
Meanwhile the speed and coke currently replacing heroin on the streets is creating ten times more aggro and angst, but Afghani heroin is on the way across Asia as the Taliban, (and Northern Alliance) unload their ‘3 year world supply’ stockpile. Opium is very cheap in Pakistan right now, and the Taliban are planting new crops. God only knows what part the CIA play in all this!
The UK, and most of Europe, is showing us the way in separating cannabis from other illegal drugs. Wake up Australia. Tony Trimmingham is right in saying drugs are “probably the most important social issue and problem” we have. Pain is everywhere, and everyone is trying to reduce it. 3 million arthritis sufferers in Australia! Pot is often immensely helpful for this.
Truth is the big casualty in the war on drugs. Send a message to the Government by voting HEMP. Your preferences still count, use the system.
Michael Balderstone NSW HEMP Senate Candidate

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