Inquiry into the medical use of cannabis

The NSW Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No 4 has commenced an Inquiry into the safety and efficacy of cannabis for medical purposes. The Committee will examine if, and how, cannabis should be supplied for medical use, the legal implications of cannabis use for medical purposes, as well as any other related issues. 

A copy of the terms of reference is attached for your information, which also includes a list of the Committee members.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to invite you to make a submission to the inquiry.  The closing date for submissions is Friday, 15 February 2013.

The Committee will be holding public hearings on 11 and 18 March 2013.

How to lodge a submission

Submissions can be lodged:

1. Online:

2. Email to the Committee:

3. Fax to: 9230 2981

4. Post (hard copy) to:  The Director, General Purpose Standing Committee No 4, Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000. 


Distributing the submission

Please note that no one, including the author, may distribute the submission unless authorised by the Committee.  Anyone who republishes a committee document apart from the Parliament or its committees, is subject to the laws of defamation.


Submissions and confidentiality

Submissions are confidential until the Committee makes them public.  If your submission contains information you do not wish to be made public, please mark it confidential.  The Committee will consider all requests for confidentiality, but it is not obliged to keep a submission confidential if it determines that it is not in the public interest to do so.

Background information about the Legislative Council committees and information about making a submission is attached to assist you with your submission.

If you would like further information about the inquiry or making a submission, please do not hesitate to contact Shu-Fang Wei, Senior Council Officer, on (02) 9230 2412.

Please feel free to forward this information to any other interested people or organisations.

The Committee would greatly appreciate your contribution to this inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

The Hon Sarah Mitchell MLC

Committee Chair

 NSW Parliament Inquiry

General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4

Legislative Council

Parliament House

Macquarie Street

Sydney NSW 2000

ph: 9230 2412

fx: 9230 3416


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Use of cannabis for medical purposes (Inquiry)

Embassy will help

Nimbin visitor, Amanda Fazio was terrific and so good to know she is in NSW Parliament batting and speaking up for us. She has visited various American dispensary models and knows what she is talking about and is educated on cannabis. She urged us to encourage people to make submissions, and said they can be anonymous or ask for your name to be withheld from anything public. The Embassy is more than happy to pass on peoples stories of why they use cannabis if they are concerned about remaining anonymous. She was particularly interested in models of supply and how we should go about it. Michael Balderstone.

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