I refer to your application

Mr G Askey
Help End Marijuana Prohibition
9 Frank Street


Dear Mr Askey
I refer to your application dated 22 May 2008 to the Australian Electoral Commission (the AEC) for review of its delegate’s decision to refuse the application for re-registration by Help End Marijuana Prevention (HEMP). As advised in the interim, by-elections prevented the review from occurring for several periods during 2008. When the Commissioners of the AEC considered your application for review, in November 2008, they asked for more detailed information to be developed and returned to them.

At a further meeting on 19 February 2009, the Commissioners of the AEC determined to affirm the delegate’s decision to refuse re-registration to HEMP. The Commissioners’ statement of reasons for that decision is enclosed and will be placed on the AEC website in the next few days.

This decision by the Commissioners of the AEC is a reviewable decision. A person (including an organization) affected by the decision may make a written application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (the AAT) in accordance with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975. Applications for review should normally be made to the AAT within 28 days of your receipt of this advice. Full detail on the process of making an application to the AAT is available from the AAT website at www.aat.gov.au.
Yours sincerely


Shawn O’Brien
Registrar of Political Parties
Assistant Director, Funding and Disclosure


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