Howard’s ignorance is dangerous

The HEMP Party agrees with John Howard that national drug legislation is common sense, but HEMP candidate for the NSW Senate, Michael Balderstone, says “Australia being an island we could be original and trial some alternative approaches; Holland had courage but ran into trouble with open borders”.

He went on to say, “John Howard is obviously terrified of the Labour government in England who have just made cannabis a non-arrestable offence. His children may not use drugs, but certainly some of their friends do and he should talk to them.

John Howard’s ignorance is dangerous and if everyone knew just how dangerous, they’d vote HEMP.

We don’t need this war on drugs, one war is enough.

The HEMP Party will officially launch its campaign for the Federal election in Nimbin on Monday 29th October at 11.00am at the HEMP Embassy. At least one sniffer dog is guaranteed to attend, last count showed 3 might be there.

Queensland Senate candidate Nigel Freemarijuana will be there.

HEMP Party candidates for November 10 are as follows;
Michael Balderstone and Don Fuggle for NSW Senate
Nigel Freemarijuana and Guy Freemarijuana for Qld Senate
Dean Jefferys for Seat of Richmond
Judy Canales for Seat of Page
Clive Brazier for Seat of Ryan, in Brisbane.

On Howard: “He’s so straight, he’s bent – these days he’s the freak…”

Michael Balderstone
NSW HEMP Senate Candidate


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