The HEMP Party will officially launch its campaign for the Federal election in Nimbin next Monday 29th October at 11.00am at the HEMP Embassy.

HEMP President and NSW Senate candidate Michael Balderstone said, “Nimbin has become a refugee camp from the war on drugs and is a totally appropriate place for our launch. Few communities have felt the impact of prohibition as we have. Ignorant people think Nimbin’s problems are a consequence of everyone being constantly stoned, but we know better. For nearly 30 years alternative lifestylers have been attracted to the north coast and country living. In the beginning pot was $30 an ounce,or given away, a sacred ritual which people shared. Now its $300 an ounce or more and the fiercely competitive black market is swimming with other drugs, easier to hide but far more dangerous. Prohibition has created massive paranoia, mistrust and alienation within our community. All over one of our ancestors’ most popular medicinal herbs, so that the global pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly over pain management.

“Few communities will publicly stand up for drug law reform as they fear police persecution. We’re used to that with annual helicopter and special task force raids. Nimbin’s compassionate and understanding attitude means for many suffering souls we are the last bus stop. Not long ago if you came out of Grafton prison you were given a one way ticket here. Has Nimbin deliberately been fostered as a scapegoat? Many think so.

“The HEMP Party is determined to keep cannabis law reform on the agenda and we are pleased that all NSW and Qld voters have a chance to send a message of protest to the out of touch politicians. The hallowed halls of Parliament House are a million miles from the frontline of the war on drugs, really a war against ourselves. We are good people and in no way criminals.”

A HEMPARTY fundraiser art auction with a difference is to be held in the Rainbow Cafe Friday evening and a sniffer dog of sorts is expected at the launch on Monday morning in Nimbin.

Candidates for November 10 are as follows;

Michael Balderstone and Don Fuggle for NSW Senate
Nigel Freemarijuana and Guy Freemarijuana for Qld Senate
Dean Jefferys for Seat of Richmond
Judy Canales for Seat of Page
Clive Brazier for Seat of Ryan, in Brisbane.

For further information contact HEMP Party at
02 66 891842 or, 66 890326


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