HEMP Protest Against Saliva Testing


The road to hell is paved with good intentions, says Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy, and trebling roadside drug testing as the main weapon in the NSW governments war on ice is just that.

“Enough is enough and we invite everyone to join our protest outside Lismore Court House next Monday with some suggested ways of improving driver impairment testing because the current system is scarcely about that at all,”says Michael Balderstone, Embassy President.

“Long term Cannabis users who have been driving safely for years are staying at home for fear of losing their licence,”he says. “Cannabis users across the state have been contacting the Embassy complaining of how ignorant it is. Why don’t they consult people who actually have some experience with drugs before making new laws is a common complaint.”

“Cannabis is uniquely fat soluble, unlike all other drugs, and stays in your system for weeks if not months. Cannabis is also unique in that it’s an unprocessed dried herb, unlike all the other refined or synthetic powders and pills, which are much harder to detect and easier to hide. It needs to be separated from the other illegal drugs but the police and politicians insist on keeping it in the same basket.”

“Sniffer dogs and now saliva testing drivers is like shooting fish trapped in a barrel for police and it’s actually doing the opposite to what was intended in that its encouraging people to use other drugs than Cannabis, like ice, which is out of your system overnight.

Smoking a joint the night before, or even the night before that can sill deliver a positive saliva test whereas traces of ice are long gone.

What were they thinking doing this? Is it a culture war in disguise, picking on Cannabis users? Because surely the police and the premier know all this by now don’t they?”

“Accidents in Colorado where Cannabis is fully legal now have actually gone down and early statistics from the twenty odd American States who have legalised medical Cannabis show around a ten percent drop in accidents (as well as alcohol use and suicides).

Remember all the early tests that showed stoned drivers were more careful than non stoned? Then they kept doing research until they got some opposite findings. Seems you don’t get government research money unless the outcome supports government policy, of course.”

“And after testing positive once the police have your car flagged as a ‘Cannabis user’ expect to be pulled over regularly. But perhaps the biggest consequence is the country people who have lost their jobs because of losing their licence. It’s a totally disproportionate punishment compared to a caution for 15 grams!”

HEMP Party secretary and licenced hemp farmer Andrew Kavasilas will speak at the protest and says he cannot get a sane hearing or response from enquiries to Government departments who refuse to listen to logic.

The HEMP Embassy’s Polite Service will be outside the Lismore Court House next Monday September 28th from 9.30 am doing real impairment tests like they do in other countries for testing drivers. Prepare to ‘Walk the Line’, stand on one leg while counting backwards from twenty, or attempt one of various other postural balance examinations. Protesters who take the safe road by hitchhiking to the Court House can still be tested if they choose.

Lismore Protest

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