HEMP Party supports Greens drug summit

The HEMP Party of Australia fully supports the important and timely initiative announced today by the Greens calling for a Federal Drug Summit.

“It’s a really smart way to address this particularly big elephant in the room,” says HEMP President Michael Balderstone. “The ‘war on drugs’ really has to be on the Election agenda and discussion about a ‘drug summit’ might be a way to achieve this without sparking the usual law and order auction. Who could possibly argue against the idea of getting all the experts together to consider how we are going to rectify the biggest social disaster of our time, which is prohibition?”

“This will give the users a chance to have their voice heard as well. I think it is particularly important that everyday Cannabis smokers be heard. Perhaps we could even get users talking about the plant rather than Police? It seems to me the Police have a distinct conflict of interest in this debate and they are hardly likely to go into a Drug Summit with an open mind. After all the only thing that a rational approach to Cannabis means for most Police is that they will lose a great deal of their power and be forced to admit they have been barking up the wrong tree for a very long time.”

James Moylan, the National Campaign Director of the HEMP Party was also enthusiastic about the idea of a Drug Summit in Canberra.

“This is an opportunity for all of the politicians in Canberra to get together and agree on a lot of things rather than disagree. Things have really come a long way in the last few years. Virtually everyone agrees that Industrial hemp is needed for our farmers. Virtually everyone agrees that Cannabis as food is no big deal.”

“Virtually everyone agrees that Cannabis as a medicine is both necessary and needed. So we only really disagree on the recreational use of Cannabis, and even there most everyone agrees that we have to move this discussion from one about law and order to one about harm prevention, civil penalties, and citizen education.”

“This is the last frontier for civil rights in Australia. You don’t have to be gay or aboriginal to feel prejudice. Cannabis users are rightly paranoid about losing their jobs and reputation if they get busted. So to see this issue raised in the election in a way which fosters discussion on all of the matters we already agree on is terrific.”

“The Greens should be congratulated and we urge all of the other political parties in the Federal arena to pause before they respond. I hope that they think a little while about what their constituents feel about recreational Cannabis use. I think that if they do then they will come to the Summit in just the right frame of mind: thinking about all the things upon which we already agree, and being willing to work for a consensus approach on this important social issue.”

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