HEMP Party Meeting With Palmer United

Help End Marijuana Prohibition HEMP Party representatives have met with Palmer United Senator Dio Wang seeking support for industrial and medical cannabis use.

HEMP Secretary Graham Askey said ” Senator Wang has taken the time to listen and acknowledge some of the issues surrounding the need for Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Federal Minister for Health Peter Dutton to step in”.

Several Australian States have recently acknowledged medical cannabis, it’s acceptance by the community and a need for further research.

HEMP Party spokesperson Andrew Kavasilas said, “I’m very pleased the Palmer United Party agree with us on this, there’s no merit for States to proceed with more inquiries and time wasting when ultimately it’s up to the Federal Government to approve”

Mr Kavasilas added “Any Government can allow sick people to access the black market with the stroke of a pen, but a regulated approach would be far better and we’d be very interested to talk about this in more detail”

Senator Wang has pledged his support for a Federal Inquiry on issues surrounding the rescheduling of cannabis and other measures required to commence any meaningful investigation of the use of cannabis for scientific or medical research.

On the use of industrial hemp.

HEMP Party reps informed the Senator of the recent Tasmanian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Hemp Industry which found Australia remains the only country in the world that maintains an official ban on the consumption of Low THC hemp seed foods.

The Inquiry also found hemp seed foods to be very nutritious and the Australian ban is keeping farmers from a lucrative crop and is the reason for the poor performance of the entire hemp industry.

Mr Kavasilas said, “I’m hoping Senator Wang and the Palmer United Party will take the hemp foods issue up with Senator Jenny Nash who as Chair of the Food Forum has continually ignored the approvals of Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).

Andrew Kavasilas

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