HEMP Party Demands Right to Life

The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party acknowledges Australia’s embrace of the strongest possible anecdotal evidence of the benefits of Cannabis.

It’s comforting for many supporters to see mainstream media and a handful of politicians reporting on the widespread use and community acceptance of Cannabis for medical purposes.

The HEMP Party will continue to actively support and lobby on behalf of millions of Australian Cannabis consumers to lawfully use and grow Cannabis for nutrition, medicine and recreation.

For many years HEMP has disseminated thousands of research papers on behalf of the medical experts. We are right, the medical profession has been right all along and it’s about time politicians and police acknowledge the medical facts. It’s ironic that even under alcohol prohibition in America, alcohol could be prescribed for medical purposes.

A bipartisan approach to law reform is preferable and as long as patient care comes first, the Government also stands to make significant Health budget savings. HEMP will be in Canberra for appointments with the new Senators.

The HEMP Party’s job now is to ‘hold them to it’ and not see a repeat of, the then advocate, NSW Premier Bob Carr who walked away from his sincere commitment on the medical marijuana issue. The zealots who cry ‘soft on drugs’ must not be allowed to deny basic science again. That would be the real crime. If you can’t change your mind you haven’t really got one, and this issue is too important to worry about pride or morals.

Our dominant culture has made a lot of mistakes and it’s time to review all sorts of well meaning decisions made decades ago. When more people realise that Cannabis has powerful anti-cancer properties they will demand access to it. Is it called ‘a right to life’?

Michael Balderstone
02 66890326

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party

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