The Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party wishes it to be known that they are in no way related to the Marijuana Smokers Rights Party formed by Young Liberals connected with Jackie Kellys office. At the last NSW State Election they fooled many innocent cannabis law reform supporters.”Almost 50,000 voters were disgusted when they discovered their Marijuana Smokers Rights preferences had been directed to right wing parties.” said Michael Balderstone, NSW Senate candidate.
“HEMP is a grass roots party based in Nimbin Northern NSW . Our aim is to achieve cannabis law reform in Australia and we are in no way connected to any other political party. People can vote for us safe in the knowledge that we are a legitimate political party and not a front for someone else. They should also know that voting is anonymous and the polling booth is a safe place to register a protest vote against the unjust drug war.

“You might be paranoid about smoking, but no need when you are voting!”

Michael Balderstone HEMP Senate candidate NSW


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