The Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party has selected candidates to contest the NSW Senate election. They are Michael Balderstone – curator of the Nimbin Museum and President of the Hemp Embassy, and Graham Askey, Party Secretary, a think tank member, and a Hunter River picker from the sixties.

While HEMP maintains all forms of cannabis should be re-legalised, the campaign this year will focus on the more feasible goal of regulated cannabis supply for medical purposes. Mr Balderstone added, “It’s also ludicrous that farmers aren’t allowed to trial large areas of low THC hemp; Tassie woodchipping could stop tomorrow”.

For the election campaign plans are afoot to resurrect the ‘Cannabus’, famous for its epic journey to Bob Carr’s 99 NSW Drug Summit, and again take the ‘Big Joint’ on the road across NSW.

HEMP advises all voters who have moved house since they last voted to notify the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) of their new address by re-enrolling. In negotiating the AEC’s Party Registration obstacle course HEMP found that 10% of its membership had been taken off the rolls in the last 12 months. Forms are available at any Post Office.

HEMP’s preference arrangements have not been finalised and the Party will write to all candidates for their views on cannabis law reform.

The ‘War on Drugs’ that Howard’s coalition engages Australians in, pitting Aussie against Aussie, is a corrupt and immoral affair.

” Make no mistake, the war on drugs is another American driven war, not unlike the war on terror. These wars are unending, profiting the unseen giant corporations who sell armaments and pharmaceutical drugs”, added Mr Balderstone.

For further info Michael Balderstone 02 6689 1842, ah 02 6689 7525.
Graham Askey 02 6621 5058.

Nimbin HEMP Embassy
51 Cullen St
Nimbin NSW 2480
phone: 02 6689 1842


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