HEMP Party Calls For A Medical Cannabis Reality Check

HEMP has bolstered the call of ‘FAIL’ by other Medical Cannabis (MC) advocacy groups around the nation, in response to federal health minister Greg Hunt’s announcement that Australia has legalised MC. 

In reality, the legislation will bend some laws to allow a foreign company to export a small amount of Cannabis into Australia so that another company can distribute it under the strictest of conditions to a very limited number of patients around the nation.

HEMP Party secretary Andrew Kavasilas is calling for fresh thinking on the subject. “I believe the Australian government is being dragged kicking and screaming on the MC issue and it’s about time prime minister Malcolm Turnbull stepped up and explained that governments don’t own Cannabis, just a very very small number of companies do, with no Australian company among them.”

“We’re in the same boat as other countries in the world, that’s why there’s only one prescription Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid Medicine (PCM) available via the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations, or doctor’s referral. If changing and bending a few laws, legitimising foreign companies or letting a bit of Cannabis into the country means a government is making MC legal, well then why hasn’t any other country done it?”, wondered Mr Kavasilas.

The HEMP Party’s “Interim Measures Plan” was delivered to various members on the first day of parliament when Cannabis law reform campaigners converged on Canberra from every state trying to draw attention to the desperately misunderstood situation. The plan delves into international roadblocks and obstacles, including the ways and means other countries appear to have ‘legalised’ MC.

Reality Options

HEMP’s interim measures plan realises that no government in the world has willingly introduced a meaningful MC regime and provides eight options which outline current government plans, time frames, negative consequences, the corruptibility of enforcement/regulations, and importantly, various options which would appropriately address the needs and concerns of the increasingly significant number of Australians using Cannabis everyday for medical purposes.


Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party – February 2017


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