Groundhog Day “Cannabis eradication program”

Helicopters over Hippie Communes is cultural not Cannabis.

The Groundhog Day “cannabis eradication program” just finished in the area was an attack on alternative communities and their earthy culture, says Michael Balderstone, President of the HEMP Embassy and the newly registered Federal HEMP Party.

“Hippy communities were obviously targeted when we all know they are not a home for commercial crops.The Police know hippies love pot and it’s time the alternative movement was given the respect other ordinary Australians enjoy.”

“Not only is it a waste of considerable money, worse is the loss of respect. So long as the Police continue to persecute pot users they will make the situation worse and worse. It encourages and even promotes the use of other genuinely dangerous drugs and it erodes respect for good laws.”

“The Police in Nimbin keep telling us, ‘ we don’t mind what you do at home’. Then they send the choppers to hunt our plants!”

“Valueing every tiny seedling at $2000 is a joke as well and very unfair. If the Police want to win back respect they have to treat people reasonably and fairly. Then we may begin to see the tide turn on the endlessly escalating violence in society. Respect is not won by force.”

“The HEMP Party is registered again, at last, and we are looking for Senate candidates from each Australian State to run at the next Federal Election. And we will do our best to get cannabis law reform on the agenda at the NSW State Election next year also.”

“Nimbin has become a funnel for keeping the jails topped up, mostly with young people and many many aboriginal young people.

We should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves in Australia for not examining closely the consequences of the so called ‘war on drugs’.”

Embassy PRESS RELEASE November 2010

Further info; (02) 66891842 or 66890326  a/h 66897525


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